Dell Introduces New Support Service For Customers

04 Jun

Dell has decided to introduce a new service for its users.


Dell has decided to introduce a new service for its users.

Dell has decided to introduce a new service for its devices’ users. Dell news reported that the company has launched a premium support option for its customers, which would help to reduce the amount of time spent to solve device-related problems.

The recent feature is expected to help with any issue related to the hardware or software of the manufacturer’s device. Dell computer informed that Dell employs SupportAssist software that would be installed to speed up the rectifying process.

Market sources have highlighted that unlike the conventional support system, which reacts to the customer’s report, the new technology assesses the device and automatically notifies the issues to the company. Its employees then access the affected customer in an effective manner.

Dell stock affirmed that only active subscribers of the service would be permitted to benefit from the service. One of the advantages of subscribing to the service is that if users suffer from any product-related problem, then they could easily access the relevant person for assistance and rectification.

The company has discovered that the service operates quite effectively, as its call time was much lower than its competitors’ latency. Experts presented the view that this service would not only improve the relationship between customers and the organization but also increase its market share and sales revenue.

Industry sources stated that the support option could also be exercised for dealing with ‘non-Dell’ issues, such as upgrading a third party program. The management of the company wants to ensure that this service provides all computer support to Dell users.

The organization has decided that its customers would not be charged for benefiting from SupportAssist. However, the premium support service would be offered for $39. This high-tech customer service is not new for the residents of Canada and United States of America, as they can employ it for a number of devices, such as Venue, Dell Inspiron, Chromebook products, and Alienware.

Media sources stated that Dell has become the first organization to provide the automated customer support service for its users. Industry experts believe that if the customer service delivers successfully, then its competitors might also try to improve their customer services or they might lose their users.

Dell is a well-established enterprise in the corporate world. It enjoys a good market position and credibility. Thus, it should now develop strategies and take steps to ensure that the new consumer service operates in the most effective manner. The response of the service’s users would finally assess its effectiveness.

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