Amazon Turns The Boxes Into Ads, Markets “Minions” Movie

03 Jun

Amazon Turns The Boxes Into Ads, Markets Minions  Movie

Amazon has begun a partnership with Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment to market minions on packaged goods and also dedicated a site for ‘minion’ products.

Latest Amazon news is about the marketing that it has opted for, which is one of a kind, for none other than beloved “Minions”. You should forget the billboards or any magazine ads. If any advertiser wishes to place its brand in front of the audience today, he might think of slapping that on Amazon box that goes for shipping. Or to the least, that is what the idea is behind the partnership that just begun between Amazon and Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.

The retailers have now started shipping the orders coming from customers in yellow “minnionized” delivery boxes that feature the cartoon characters, known to us as minions, from their upcoming movie names “Minions”. This is the first time that such a deal had been signed where Amazon allowed the third party to brand the delivery boxes completely.

The pairing between Amazon and movie makers has made sense for the upcoming installment in franchise of “Despicable Me”. Amazon news reports that the minions themselves have been translated into variety of products which include figurines, dolls, video games, mobile covers, toys and video games. They are now also gracing clothes which even includes socks, hats, shoes and many other accessories, as well as the home products such as curtains, bed sheets, kitchen items, wall decals and now the packaged goods for consumers such as Mott’s juice and applesauce. And well, yes Amazon sells that all.

Such as the conventional print ad, these new boxes from Amazon shall not only help in movie promotion by the awareness raised about it but also by the date this movie will release, July 10 that is. The boxes also point to the special URL from Amazon which, a dedicated shopping section for anything and everything that has “minions”. The e-commerce giant said that there will more content available on the site as the opening date for the film approaches.

The company expresses that boxes will ship from the selected fulfillment centers and will also be available in different sizes to cater the different customer order for different things such as books, DVDs, electronics and sporting goods etc. There will be different minions gazing different sizes of boxes. Bob will be found on medium boxes, Kevin will be on the smallest and Stuart will be seen on large boxes.

The partners initially began teasing with the boxes via Facebook posts and tweets in end of last month, notifying that the minions would be reaching the customers’ doorsteps soon. From the looks of it, many customers have begun seeing the minions arrived for a couple of days now.

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