Google Unveils Project Vault, A Secure Computing Environment

01 Jun

Google Unveils Project Vault, A Secure Computing Environment


Google has introduced Vault which is the micro SD format device for users and developers.

Latest Google news is regarding the new project being launched by the search engine giant at the Google I/O Conference held in San Francisco. A micro SD sized device consisting of a secure computer that is what Project Vault is. According to ATAP by Google, since there are already many enhanced security features present on the phone, integrated in the SIM that protects the things that are important for carriers, micro SD set-up has made sense. Vault has been designed to display the important content pertaining to the user and also to be an equivalent.

The micro SD feature had been used due to the requirements where large amount of data throughput so video can be displayed, also for the storage (Vault consists of 4GB storage which is on board) and also for modularity, so the users can take it with them wherever they wished.

The Vault itself is running ARTOS and is said to be an ARM processor. ARTOS is a secure OS which focuses on data security and privacy. Furthermore it also consists of an antenna and NFC chip. The purpose of the antenna is to prove that the user is in control and also that the device is correctly authorized. Finally, it also consists of a collection of cryptographic services, which includes signing, hashing, hardware based random number generator and batch encryption.

Google news reports that the Vault provides the users with two factor authentication, in such a way that it’s a lot easy for anyone to use. Moreover, the developers are not going to need any stuff to prepare in order to work with this due to the fact that the system is this as a storage device which is rather generic and consists of standard file system.

The file system includes only two files, one is for read and one is for the write purpose, that any app would be going through if it has to communicate with Vault. This also points out that it can work with any operating system, including Windows, Linux, OS X and Android, since it is a general storage device to the phone or host computer.

ATAP has released the development kit which is open source so the people can test and also understand it before it goes live. There is also a first version of the product built for enterprises which is currently being used by Google internally and also there are initiatives to be taken for building consumer focused hardware.

During a demo, ATAP showed and described how the Vault can secure the chat conversation. Vault also takes care of encrypting the message and also sending the message via cypher text.


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