Twitter Unveils ‘Audience Insights’ For Advertisers

29 May

Twitter Unveils 'Audience Insights' For Advertisers

Twitter has unveiled Audience Insights in an attempt to lure advertisers on its platform

Twitter Inc. recently had a failed advertisement campaign. Currently Facebook along with Google are leading the advertisement market with a huge market share shared between both parties. But the micro blogging platform miserably failed to attract any big name advertisers to its platform. Shareholders were concerned regarding this also advertisers and companies were not satisfied enough to post their respective ads on the social media forum. Therefore, in order to provide all of them with a better solution, the company has launched a service named “Audience Insights” that will help advertisers to ‘gauge user trends’, according to latest Twitter updates.

Twitter rolled out the consumer descriptive tool on Wednesday in an attempt to kick start its advertising campaign. It is believed that Facebook and Google earn major chunk of their revenues from advertising and Twitter could not capitalize on it so far. Hence, this descriptive tool will help the advertisers in understanding their appropriate targeted audience. Furthermore, the social media network giant claims that this tool will help the company to further enhance its medium for marketers and salesperson.

The product manager at Twitter, Andrew Bragdon said “Insights about people and markets help advertisers create powerful messaging that resonates. Today, we’re excited to introduce audience insights, a new tool to help advertisers better understand key audiences on Twitter.”

Basically, Audience Insights gives marketers as well as users related to business with an option through which they will be allowed to get access to the details of Twitter users. Furthermore, with the help of this tool, they can get detailed information on users’ activities, likings and disliking of brands and preferences. The company wants marketers and salesperson on its platform to boost its business through Audience Insights, as reported by latest Twitter news.

BidnessETC reports “The audience insight tool enables advertisers to find out about potential buyers by providing them with information of their demographics such as gender, education, marital status, and income.” Twitter lets anyone access information shared between users that are friends with each other on the forum. This shared information includes users’ occupation, behavior, and activities etc. Furthermore, the tool will provide graphs and interests that relate to the users in real time.

Hence this tool can be very efficient for every business user on the social media network as through it they will be able to target the appropriate audience and further boost business. After a failed ad campaign as well as miserably failing to attract advertisers on its platform, the company wants to compete Google and Facebook in the advertising market.

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