American Air Force rewards CEO Of Tesla Motors

29 May

American Air Force rewards CEO Of Tesla Motors


The CEO’s aerospace company, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, has acquired a certification.

The chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has received good news, as his own aerospace company, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, has acquired a certification. Tesla news reported that the American Air Force has permitted the space firm to launch its Falcon 9.

With the state’s legislature restricting the use of Russian devices, Falcon 9 could alone perform some space-related operations for the government. Experts presented the view that authorization of the Mr. Musk’s product has added to the organization’s ability to dominate the modern space market.

The CEO has stated that he is struggling to end the monopolization of the military space market. Tesla news today informed that the space company has struggled for a role in military operations, which encompass satellites that permit the communication of troops on battlefields. Mr. Musk has spent 24 months and more than $60,000,000 to acquire the permit to launch its Falcon. The organization’s rival, United Launch Alliance (ULA), has not welcomed the military’s decision, as it has responded by stating that the approval could threaten the interests of the largest economy in the world.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that ULA and Elon’s company have fought a long lasting battle. The President of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, criticized the ULA for overspending on its launches. The corporation has also alleged it for using Russian engines for launching rockets. Industry sources stated that SpaceX is well known for developing it’s Falcon in the United States of America.

The two advance organizations are also battling to acquire the resupply contract of the next international space station. Media sources propagated that the contract would be awarded in September. The space organizations, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, have already shared their proposals.

SpaceX is also competing against Boeing, as both the organizations are struggling to complete their spacecraft’s tests after National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) awarded them a contract. It is expected that one of the two competitors would be permitted to send astronauts to space in an American spacecraft since the retirement of shuttle in 2011.

Industry experts believe that Mr. Musk should now develop strategies and take some steps to perform the military’s space-related operations in the most efficient manner; otherwise, authorities might review their decision. It is probable that the acquired permission would not only improve its position in the highly competitive space market but also improve the morale of the employees whose efforts have been rewarded.

It is probable that the decision of the American military would help improve the global reputation of Musk’s space company. After the launch of the technologically advanced rocket, the response of the American military and other stakeholders would determine the effects of the Air force’s decision.

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