Apple In Process of Fixing Bug That Crashes iPhones By Text Messages

28 May

Apple In Process of Fixing Bug That Crashes iPhones By Text Messages


Apple is looking into the bug fix which crashes iPhone, the bug message consists of text string with special characters.

Latest Apple news is regarding the announcement that the company has made regarding the fix in work for a bug in the iPhone. The company says that it is working on the fix for an unusual software bug that has crash the iPhones of various users when they receive a text message consisting of a specific string of characters. This bug, which includes the users sending a string of characters and characters in Arabic to the iPhone of the victim, had been surfaced by Reddit which is an online community. However, now it has been known to a lot of people now.

MacRumors blog reports that when this text consisting of special strings is sent to the victim’s iPhone, it crashes the phone and then quickly reboots. After that, if in list view, the Message app had been open, it will crash again if the users try opening it going forward. If it had been open in the conversation view, the app shall open however. But if the user tries to enter another conversation, the app shall crash again. Apple news reports that the problems are on phones which are running iOS 8.3.

There have been couples of solutions that have been suggested, it includes sending the reply in order for the problem to be fixed. The users that are affected can send message to themselves via Siri or by sharing from another app, such as photos, or asking another person to send the victim a message. After this, the affected user can go back to the Message app and delete that conversation which had the bug. There are AppleCare reps which can help to solve this problem, and also notifying the users that the company is in the middle of working on the solution to this bug.

Not everyone who owns the iPhone has been reported of being affected by this bug that implies that this might be associated with only a few of iOS version along with some combination of settings are causing the crash to be occurred. The company has not explained the root cause of the bug; however Reddit speculates that this bug must be connected with how the banner notifications are processing the Unicode text.

The users must know that this is not the first time that iOS got compromised by the bug which is powerful enough to crash the iPhone by a text string. It is reported that back in 2013, there had been a text string which crashed Safari, in the same way; a text string crashed the messaging app today. The Reddit user notifies that this bug had been there since iOS 6 and was not patched.

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One response to “Apple In Process of Fixing Bug That Crashes iPhones By Text Messages

  1. BasicallyBeyondBasic

    May 28, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    It works on older versions… not just iOS 8.3



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