Third Party Competes With Tesla Motors

27 May

Third Party Competes With Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has been challenged by its rivals’ charging stations.

Tesla Motors is challenged by its rivals’ charging stations. Tesla news reported that the company is interested in speeding up the process of setting up charging systems. It cannot monopolize the power supplying market easily, as third party ‘chargers’ are already powering vehicles in many areas where Tesla’s stations are few or non-existent. Experts stated the view that the company needs to tackle the competition by targeting these ‘chargers’.

Tesla news today informed that its chief executive officer, Elon Musk, has advocated the overall growth of the electric automobile market. This is the reason for permitting third party companies to use its patents to develop charging stations capable of fuelling Tesla’s vehicles. An American energy firm, NRG Energy, has been developing so-called ‘Freedom Stations’, which are known for charging an electric vehicle battery for about $10.

Market sources have affirmed that the company’s chargers would power a number of cars, including Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs, Tesla’s or other electric cars with compatible features. The emergence of rising competition in the field of electric chargers poses a threat to the company in near future.

The energy company has maintained a history of fuelling cars. Tesla’s charging systems differ from its rival, as its users can power-up their cars free of cost. NRG has established its stations in a number of American states, including Virginia, Colorado, New York, Texas, Vermont, Maryland, Georgia, and Illinois. The said charging devices are able to perform at a speed of 150 miles per hour.

Industry experts believe that energy firm would fail to compete with Tesla’s stations that would power Tesla vehicles free of charge. The prospects of the power supplier’s success depend on how big a market share is attained by Tesla. If the ‘electric vehicle pioneer’ succeeds in selling 500,000 cars until 2020, then it would control a major proportion of the electric car market.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the chief executive officer of the energy organization claims that his company would be able to survive, as power market would grow at a very fast pace. Its management has taken a number of steps to retain its position in the market, as it has not only invested in electric vehicle charges but has also signed an agreement with the German carmaker, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which has failed to prosper like Tesla.

Media sources have highlighted that the automaker is about to set up a charging station in San Diego. It is most likely that this move would intensify the battle between the two businesses, as NRG‘s stations are currently charging electric cars in that Californian city. It is strongly advised to Tesla to take some steps to compete with the charging stations of its rival.


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