Uber’s Driver Alleged For Sexual Assault

26 May

Uber's Driver Alleged For Sexual Assault


The American high-tech transporter’s driver is blamed for sexual assault.

Uber has suffered from a setback in Canada. Uber news reported that the transporter’s driver is arrested for sexually abusing a female passenger in Vaughan. The legal action is taken at a time when the company was responding to the allegations made against the security of its cab service.

This is not the first challenge faced by the organization, as the City of Toronto had already filed a petition against its activities in Toronto. The city officers and the taxi industry have blamed the service for threatening the safety of the public.

Since its launch in 2010, the company has grown rapidly in different parts of the world, luring users with promises of reduced charges and better facilities compared to traditional taxis, but serious security issues have harmed its interests.

Canada is not the only country in which the drivers of the company are accused of sexually assault, as an Indian driving partner was also alleged for raping a woman. Uber news today informed that councilor, Jim Karygiannis, expects that the action could force the council to act against the firm.

I wouldn’t let my daughters or my wife ride in an Uber cab because the (drivers) have not been vetted properly,” he said. “I’ve got great concerns about this.”

Uber technologies affirmed that the spokesperson of Uber Canada, Susie Heath, has stated that the accused abuse is disturbing. She added after informed, the management immediately terminated the driver from the service’s platform. Ms. Heath refused to talk about how the alleged abuse could damage the company’s efforts to inform users about the cab’s safety.

Instead, the Canadian spokeswoman referred to the safety section of its website, which states that the background of the service’s drivers must be scrutinized more thoroughly than those needed for other drivers of the city. The most recent Uber incident was witnessed early Sunday.

The spokeswoman of the York Regional Police Const., Laura Nicolle, has disclosed the details of the incident. She said that a company driver offered a ride to three women, transported two of them to locations in York Region, and, as he reached the final dropoff, he allegedly told the remaining passenger that she could pay by cash or ‘other means’.

Ms. Nicolle said that the passenger comprehended the remark as a demand for a sexual favor. Police believes that the driver then parked, followed her out of the cab, and abused her. Osamah Al-Mandalawi, 25 of Mississauga, was arrested on Monday and charged for sexual abuse. The transporter should now develop background clearance strategies to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

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One response to “Uber’s Driver Alleged For Sexual Assault

  1. BasicallyBeyondBasic

    May 28, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    It was bound to happen eventually.



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