Tesla Motors CEO Introduces New Transportation Method

26 May

Tesla Motors CEO Introduces New Transportation Method


The CEO of Tesla has introduced a new and revolutionary transportation idea.

The Chief Executive Officer of American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors, has introduced a new transportation idea. Tesla news reported that Mr. Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop train would soon be developed.

It is believed that the proposed train would be capable of travelling faster than an aircraft. Initially an 8-kilometer long test track would be built for Mr. Musk’s 1200 kilometer per hour train. Tesla news today informed that the construction would begin at the beginning of the next year.

The Hyperloop was initially introduced by the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors in 2013 and operates by shifting passengers through low-pressure tubes situated in small pods. The rail’s mechanism is quite similar to the transferring process of pneumatic tubes. Experts believe that this transportation system is theoretically quite inexpensive and energy efficient to operate.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the new train could easily shift users from LA to San Francisco in a time span of half an hour. A 57-page white paper discussing the train’s idea was disclosed earlier and the CEO accepted that he was unable to focus on the venture.

Market sources have affirmed that the rail operates by developing a system, which increases its speed, and magnets are used to support the transportation mechanism. A group of engineers, known as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has recently started to crowd-fund the transportation project. They have signed an agreement with landowners to set up an estimated $100,000,000 pilot track along California’s interstate highways connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Company sources have affirmed that, along a 100 mile long track, this system would attain a speed of 1200 km/h, but the professionals working on the idea think that the rail transport might operate at a speed of 4000 miles – a pace that could shift one from United States of America to People’s Republic of China.

Some experts have questioned the feasibility of the new high-tech transportation equipment. Expert, James Powell, has stated that the whole setup is quite vulnerable. He added that the any deviation or slight movement of the wall’s position from straightness could damage the train. Media sources have affirmed that $8,000,000,000 would be required to construct a track between the two American cities.

Tesla should now work with the interested group of engineers to launch the project commercially. The sooner the project is launched, the better it would be for users and the vehicle manufacturer. It is probable that American residents would welcome the new initiative, as it would not only help them travel at a faster pace but would also save their time.

The response of the users would finally determine the performance and capacity of the technologically advanced transportation system.


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