Apple’s New Chief Design Officer Is John Ivy

26 May

Apple's New Chief Design Officer Is John Ivy


Apple has named John Ivy as the new Chief Design Officer where he can have more control over the design language of Apple and can design the products actually.

Latest Apple news is regarding the new design officer that has been announced by the tech giant recently. Jony Ive, the design genius who has often been credited for the innovative and exclusive manufacturing design language over the past of decades has now been announced as the Chief Design Officer of the company. This new role has elevated him above the previous SVP status. Furthermore, the head of Industrial Design is Richard Howarth and UI head is Alan Dye.

The new role of Ive should ideally give him more time so he can design in its truest way. Ive is planning to shed the management and administrative duties to the two lieutenants as the expressed to the newspaper. This will let him be in charge of ID and UI, also will be taking the direct control over the design regarding the retail store across the globe.

A book on Ive that had been written by Leander Kahney, surrounding the life of the Chied Design Officer and also his work at Apple, it has been noted that there had been few uncomfortable moments for Ivy when it came to administrative tasks and instead he preferred to focus on the design process and its crafting. He has also been off-stage as far as the signature events of the company are concerned, instead narrated the paeans that the company offers in a video format while during the show.

Apple news reports that Ive is now more capable of traveling and spending time on the Apple locations which are essential and also beyond the Cupertino lab which is where the tests are being conducted for refining the look and feel of the various Apple products. One of these destinations include Campus 2 which is under construction, aiming to become the ambitious and new headquarters, it is also described in the press as the “spaceship” of the company which is grounded. It is said that Ivy has been deeply involved in this project.

Howarth had been working with Ive for more than two decades now and had been the integral member of design teams when it comes to the new iPhone and Mac during that period of time. Dye had been initially in the marketing and communications team of the company but then became the part of Ive’s team in order to help when there came more responsibilities for Ive when it comes to user interface design. Dye had been the integral team member of the user interface of Apple Watch. This thing means that Ive will have more control and authority over the design language of Apple and Howarth and Dye might look into the other aspects which are a non-trivial portion of the role of Ive.

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