Verizon Working Towards Dominating Google In The Mobile Video Market

22 May


Verizon is giving its customers more control over the channels they pay for as the cacophony of cord cutting reshapes cable TV.

The wireless company has recently acquired AOL which has given it a chance to enter into the video streaming industry with a bang.

Verizon Communications has been trying to enter the online video streaming network that Google is so easily seen dominating with its video streaming giant YouTube growing without slowing down. In the most recent news, it has been made evident that the wireless business carrier along with social media giant Facebook is looking for way to make its way into the video viewing field where Google is seen to make so much money so successfully. Since YouTube has been constantly showing massive signs of growth without any big rival in the industry to compete with, this time around the wireless providers have decided to give Google something to worry about.

As reported by latest Verizon updates has recently announced that it will be acquiring AOL Inc for a massive $4.4 billion and it going to use this acquisition to make its much awaited entry into the video streaming industry. The main reason why the wireless telecom company has been having problems penetrating into this field is that users who use different handsets and phones are trying to access the video platforms through their own different systems and software which was initially being a problem for the firms who wanted to offer their own platform for video viewing.

However, this issue is now being looked after as more and more people are beginning to use similar kind of platforms to reach a destination on the internet. As more and more advanced technologies are being introduced, the chance for more tech giants to enter this field is becoming clearer.

It can be said without doubt that Google Inc is the most dominant company to be earnings huge amounts from YouTube and video streaming system and is has become a source of massive revenue generation for the search engine giant as well. Keeping in mind how much the software giant is earning from the industry, Verizon has taken it seriously to bring about their own system of earning through advertising on videos for which it has acquired AOL. This acquisition has turned out to be quite important for the wireless company keeping in mind that AOL already has quite a lot of experience in the field that the wireless carrier want to take control over.

This take over is going to prove important for Verizon wireless business and AOL both as for the mass media company will be taking help from the user base of the wireless firm to increase its viewership. As for the wireless carrier, this will give it a chance to experiment with something completely new and find new ways to make the company grow in all the best possible ways.

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One response to “Verizon Working Towards Dominating Google In The Mobile Video Market

  1. BasicallyBeyondBasic

    May 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Sorry, I love Verizon but that’s just not going to happen.



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