Tesla Motors Introduces Mobile Stores

22 May

Tesla Motors Introduces Mobile Stores


Tesla Motors is about to introduce ‘moveable’ stores.

Tesla Motors is about to introduce a new selling method by launching a mobile store. Tesla news reported that residents of Europe and US would witness the store in the course of this summer, as the container would initially travel to a number of areas in Switzerland, France, and Denmark.

Tesla news today informed that the portable seller would be accommodated in a unique shipping container, designed in house. The company has stated that the portability and user-friendliness of the store permit Tesla to introduce its unique selling approach in new areas where its brick and mortar location does not exist.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that a single flatbed truck would be employed to transport the newly launched shop. The size of the new store would be equal to the size of four shipping containers sitting side by side. The company’s outlet would offer Model S components, encompassing the battery structure and the vehicle’s electric powertrain.

People accessing the selling platform would be provided an opportunity to learn about electric-fuelled driving with interactive displays and attractive visuals. Market sources informed that the visitors would be permitted to test-drive the Model S vehicle.

Media sources revealed that the ‘moveable’ store has recently settled in Santa Barbara, California. After spending one month there, the automaker would then transfer its store to the next stop in the Hamptons. The spokeswoman of Tesla Motors, Alexis Georgeson, told the press that the company could invest more in these stores.

Experts stated their view that Tesla’s rivals would not be able to easily establish such shops for delivering their vehicles. A number of reasons justify the automobile manufacturer’s investment in mobile stores. First, the company’s retail setup has limited its demand, so every additional seller is quite valuable. Secondly, customer’s awareness plays a significant role in its supplying process. In company stores, questions are asked regarding the driving process of the electric cars.

With Tesla speeding up the production of Model S, its further investment in these distributors could indicate that its supply is catching up with demand. It is expected that the new portable stores would help the manufacturer to achieve its objective of increasing Model S sales by about 50%.

The Global Equities Research analyst, Trip Chowdhry, has welcomed the new selling initiative, as he believes that it is a great way to enhance the accessibility of electric powered cars. It is probable that these vehicle users would appreciate the new selling method. Tesla should now devise strategies to operate the new outlets in an efficient manner. The American dealership lobby is anticipated to oppose the new selling idea, as they believe that they should be allowed to deliver Tesla’s vehicles for mutual benefit.

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