Reed Hastings Predicting The Future Of TV for Netflix Users

21 May

He says that Internet streaming will soon take over the traditional television


He says that Internet streaming will soon take over the traditional television

All those people who’re addicted to Netflix and can’t spend their nights without it, must take a look at the speech that the service’s Founder and Chief Executive, Reed Hastings, delivered during the last week at Berlin. He expressed his views about the future of TV and how it will evolve over the passage of time.

According to Netflix news, the giant has never been very private about its long-term plans; in fact its document on “long term view” has served as a roadmap for users regarding the company’s future. Although the past few years have been different with the changes in the strategy of the company from visionary to conventional wisdom, for example the company’s stance maintains, “Internet TV is replacing linear TV.” One can only wonder what Netflix’s next move will be in terms of development, while other streaming services will work toward reaching the same level.

During his speech at the Republica conference, Mr. Hastings claimed that the regular television will only survive for two decades. “We will come to see that linear TV declines every year for the next 20 years, and that Internet TV rises every year for the next 20 years.”

During this course of time, Netflix will work on its original content production and the ownership of global distribution rights for the produced TV shows and movies, according to latest Netflix updates. The aim is that by 2016, Netflix will be available in every country of the world, which is a great news for those who don’t have access to the online streaming service.

There weren’t any questions about the reports that claimed Apple’s release of  the new hardware and software for viewing television in the coming month, but he mentioned that the future televisions “will look like a large iPad,” including a collection of apps. He strongly claims that TV sets are simply Internet-connected displays.

Mr. Hastings is confident that Netflix will lead in TV shows and movies, while other companies would be better at other kinds of entertainment, sports, for example. He also commented how sports will also soon move from being watched on the Internet from its traditional form.

He further said that sports programming will be forced toward the Internet with the increasing popularity of 4K ultra-high definition video. Mr. Hastings said that by the time the FIFA World Cup 2014 arrives, “much of the world will watch the World Cup in incredible video quality over the Internet.”

Furthermore, Mr. Hastings also spoke about other things including how he was so nervous about investing $100 million on Netflix’s first original series, House of Cards, “at the time, that was an intense debate, and we almost didn’t do it.”

He also brushed upon his regrets over the company’s decision to form Qwikster, a separate DVD service company and that Netflix will always be a streaming service and does not want to complicate its service by adding a download option.


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