Benefits Of Tesla’s Powerwall

21 May

Benefits Of Tesla's Powerwall

Tesla Motor’s Powerwall battery is quite powerful and helpful for users in a number of ways.

Tesla Motor’s Powerwall battery is quite powerful and helpful for users. It is also the largest battery equipped with a capacity of 10KWH, as reported by Tesla newsTesla news today informed that a full charge of the power storage device can power an iPhone 952 times and a regular phone 2000 times before exhausting out.

The electric vehicle maker’s product is capable of powering a whole house’s premises for almost eight hours during a power failure, considering that a normal residence requires 30 kWh per day. Experts presented their view that the 8-hour back up relies on the use of different devices, such as Wi-Fi and television.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the new energy storage tool is quite expensive, as it has been offered for $3500. However, assuming the electricity stored by these devices, the expenditure on them could be useful. The electricity storing equipment is also capable of powering a laptop 2000 times. It permits its users to benefit from 10 hours of window air conditioner cooling in the summers, also power a fridge for 50 hours, and an electric furnace for a time span of 60 minutes.

Industry sources have informed that the storage device can also meet entertainment needs, as it can operate an old tube-style TV for more than 100 hours and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Plasma television for about 30 and 50 hours respectively. In addition to these, a customer can brew 30 pots of coffee or make 4000 cocktails by employing the large energy storage device.

As far as the product’s lighting ability is concerned, the Powerwall can charge a number of lighting devices, including a 60-watt compact fluorescent lamp and a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

The duration of the battery-supported operations of the two lighting equipment differ from each other as the bulb could be powered for a time span of 170 hours, while lamp could be charged for more than 500 hours. The power storage system was introduced on 30th April.

Market sources have reported that Tesla has already received 2500 orders from enterprises and 38,000 orders from homes. It is probable that the high-tech ‘electric vehicle pioneer’ would soon be able to dominate the power storage market, as its battery’s demand is quite high.

The power supply capacity of Tesla’s high-tech product indicates that it has the potential to revolutionize the field of power storage. The organization should not only reduce the price of its battery but also target the power market of the less-developed countries, such as India, where millions of people suffer from power failure and shortage. The response of the users of these modern storing devices would help judge the performance of the advanced power-storing products.

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