Tesla Motors To Open A New Store

19 May

Tesla Motors To Open A New Store


Tesla Motors has decided to expand its selling operations in the United States of America.

Tesla Motors has decided to expand its selling operations in the United States of America. Tesla news reported that the automaker has recently signed an agreement for a dealership space in Buena Park in Orange County, California. It has hired the space from RST Associates LLC. Avison Young representative, Jodi V Meade has negotiated the deal.

Tesla news today informed that the new showroom is situated at 6692 Auto Center Drive in the Buena Park Auto center. The dealership covers an area of 23,000 square feet. It is expected that the company would significantly transform the property.

Company sources have highlighted that the area would also render service for the company’s premium electric automobile line. It already owns 2.5 acres of property and would soon open a new dealership, with the current hiring agreement being functional for a time span of seven years.

Premier Chevrolet, who has shifted to another showroom at the autocenter, previously used the space. Buena Park’s Director of Community Development, Joel Rosen, has stated that Tesla would introduce new technology to the city, encompassing eight publicly reachable power charging stations.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the automobile manufacturer has previously expanded its distribution operations in other areas, as in November, Tesla established a 10,000 square-foot showroom and 27,000 square foot service center in Costa Mesa. Industry sources have revealed that the company also manages stores in the Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Brea Mall, and the shops at Mission Viejo.

The newly rented space is located near the premises of major car franchises, including General Motors, Toyota Motor Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Honda, and Mercedes Benz.

Experts stated their view that the showroom’s location would benefit users, as they would be permitted to access a wider range of cars in the same territory. It is probable that the new showroom would significantly contribute to the revenues and profits of the company, as a larger number of users would now be able to purchase vehicles directly from the electric automobile maker.

Tesla is currently supplying its Model X and Model S vehicles through stores, such as showrooms, usually located in malls. It is expected that the decision to open a new store would not be welcomed by the American dealership lobby, which is an opponent of its direct sales model.

Tesla should now devise strategies and employ significant amount of resources to ensure that the new store is managed in the best possible manner. The opening of the new store would not only entertain car users but also provide employment opportunities to the residents of one of the largest economy in the world. The response of its customers would determine the progress of the organization’s store.

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