Facebook Likely To Develop New Games To Boost Messenger

19 May

Facebook Likely To Develop New Games To Boost Messenger

Facebook likely to launch games on its Messenger app.

Facebook Inc. has now collaborated with several game developers to push up game development. The company at this point wishes to develop and deliver popular games. According to reports by “The Information”, three individuals close to the company have briefed about the company’s latest moves.

At this point, the negotiations made are still in its infancy stage where the company has not yet provided a particular timeframe about when actually these games will be introduced on the app store of Messenger.

The first few applications found on Facebook’s Messenger comprises of emojis, sound clips, gifs which can be send to your contacts, according to latest Facebook news. These features made their debut approximately two months ago however they did really get much attention as they Facebook initially expected.

The company now believes the best way to revive its Messenger platform is to come up with games that is expected to generate user interest and boost the consumer base of this messaging platform, according to current Facebook update. Games have now become a stable source of revenue which is likely to attract more users due to the addiction they tend to develop.

Facebook move to develop games and come up with a new range of application is not something unusual. However, many believe that the primary reason behind this failure is the typical narrow-mindedness of Facebook users who are merely using the platform for recreational purposes.

Facebook has taken several initiatives to actually push Messenger again. The company has permitted third parties to link their services to Messenger earlier in March. Despite this, many developers who have contacts with third parties have observed a difficulty in igniting awareness regarding their products and services and find it difficult to convince users to return back to them on regular intervals.

Recently, the company also came up with a video calling feature which was launched in several countries across the globe. Moreover, they were also allowed to make transactions to acquaintances and friends in United States. It also allowed users to buy products and services directly from sellers via its Messenger application.

The company at this point is still not sure whether the new games will be a part of Messenger or will be advertised on the newsfeed to attract more users to the application.

Ilya Sukhar, an executive at Facebook who has the responsibility to head the product range at Messenger showed her agreement on coming up with new games but did not really give a timeframe for their launch. Facebook stocks have increased by 0.8 per cent which are now $81.

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