Tesla Motors Suffers From Defects In Doors

18 May

Tesla Motors Suffers From Defects In Doors


Tesla Motors has suffered from a setback, as one of its vehicles is found defected.

Tesla Motors has suffered from a setback, as one of its vehicles is found defected. Tesla news reported that the doors of Tesla’s Model S P85D are not opening for owners. Experts stated that the door-controlling sensors are not working in an efficient manner. The company’s products are well known for 100% electric motors and high-tech engineering. This luxury car is offered at a price of $130,000.

Tesla news today informed that Model S P85D is the fastest electric-fuelled luxury car and permits its drivers to enjoy silent and smooth acceleration. Press the accelerator (no gas pedal in this vehicle) and attain a speed of 60 miles per hour in 3.1 seconds. It is probable that the car’s users would be amused by the ride of the car. The door latches of the car are a part of its structure. Normally, they open to welcome drivers as they approach the vehicle with its keys. One of the users of the car has stated that the problem is unusual.

An application has been installed in the automobile that permits one to unlatch the car automatically while also allows users to enjoy 120 seconds of keyless driving. This feature is not enough for users who have spent thousands of dollars. The door issue is not a new problem and customers have affirmed that a large number of the P85D users have witnessed the same problem. The car that the company examined, suffered from the door’s failure after 27 days of ownership.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the company has not tried to address the problem in an emergent manner. On the contrary, the manufacturer claims to employ a fleet of technicians always on standby to support drivers to address such controversial issues. The organization is well known for providing high quality consumer service but the Model S has maintained a poor record, as it created another problem for users in 2014.

The power storage device, which is situated on the underside of the car, was witnessed as an explosive threat. Industry sources have reported that the company was forced to equip the Model with an under body shield to safeguard the battery packs from being destroyed when smashed by rocks underneath. The safety issues are the primary concerns of the company.

Tesla is not the only automaker who has suffered from such a problem, as Ford Motor Company has also witnessed defects in doors. Market sources have reported that Ford was forced to call back its vehicles. This should be taken as a lesson for Tesla. The company should devise strategies and quality assurance systems to ensure that its products are flawless; otherwise, it could suffer in the competitive market.

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