Tesla Motors Hires An Ex-Employee Of Apple

16 May

Tesla Motors Hires An Ex-Employee Of Apple

Tesla Motors has hired the former recruitment head of Apple.

Tesla Motors has hired the former Recruitment Head of Apple, Cindy Nicola.Tesla news reported that the manufacturer has appointed the corporate giant’s ex-senior director of corporate recruiting as its vice president of global recruiting at the start of May.

Ms. Cindy is quite experienced as she was previously employed in talent acquisition at the video development giant, Electronic Arts. Tesla news today informed that both companies had been battling to attract each other’s workers. The smartphone maker had employed the automaker’s lead recruiter, Lauren Ciminera, in 2014, reportedly for its own electric vehicle project known as ‘Project Titan’.

Tesla Motors is not the only automaker whose employees have moved towards Apple, as the company has also hired an ex-executive of the Ford Motor Company, Steve Zadesky. Media sources have reported that Mr. Zadesky has been appointed as the leader of the high tech phone manufacturer’s electric vehicle project.

Ms. Cindy is not the only employee who has left the cellular giant and joined Tesla Motors, as a number of other employees have also joined the electric automobile manufacturer. These include Apple’s vice president of Mac hardware, Doug Field, and server directors of the company.

The Chief Executive of the company, Elon Musk, has accepted that Tesla Motors has won the recruitment battle, as he has stated that the automaker has recruited five times more employees from Apple than vice versa. Tesla Motors news affirmed that the Apple is interested in pioneering its own vehicle, to be introduced in the nearby future.

Mr. Musk has stated that he would welcome the Cupertino-based firm’s entrance into the electric vehicle market. Industry experts believe that the entry of Apple would make the American electric car market more competitive. It is probable that the higher levels of competitiveness would benefit the electric vehicle users.

Musk was anticipating Apple’s hiring move, as he had previously stated that the company is luring Tesla workers by offering them a starting bonus worth $250,000 and a pay rise of 60%. Experts stated that the financial incentives have played a significant role in shaping the decisions of Tesla’s employees.

Market experts believe that the Apple’s initiative of developing electric cars would succeed, as the authorities of China are forcing car manufacturers to develop electric cars. It is expected that if the high-tech ‘phone maker’ succeeds in launching electric cars, then it can earn huge revenues and profits from the gigantic Chinese market.

Tesla should try its best to make sure that the newly recruited employee is given the necessary resources and powers to perform in a very efficient manner. However, the performance of the appointed recruiter would affect the progress of Tesla Motors.


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