IBM Helps Indian Residents

14 May

IBM Helps Indian Residents


International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation has decided to help the Indian residents of Allahabad, Surat, and Vizag.

International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation has decided to help the Indian residents of Allahabad, Surat, and Vizag. IBM news reported that the corporation’s Smarter Cities Challenge Program would send teams of experts to address city-specific challenges, such as disaster management, waste management, and citizen services.

The company’s program is well known for addressing critical issues, such as transportation, employment generation, public security, social services, healthcare, revenue, and others. IBM news today informed that in the coming years, the company would provide smart services to more than 130 cities of the world, which are selected from 600 applicants. The provided services would be valued at more than $66,000,000.

Company sources have reported that each consulting service has a commercial value of $500,000. In addition to the provision of services, the company would employ IBM Watson Analytics Professional Edition to study a number of issues, such as travelling methods, effects of different events, and public health. The analytical product cannot only comprehend questions posed in natural and non-technical language but can also aid planning and collaboration.

IBM Breaking news affirmed that the teams of IBM Smarter Cities Program spend 21 days in the selected cities, where they work closely with city staff, studying information concerning critical issues of the area. Team experts examine the perspectives on the topic through consultations with citizens, firms, public officials, and nonprofit organizations.

Company sources have revealed that the best practices employed by other cities are also analyzed. After working jointly with the leaders of the city, corporate officials then suggest innovative and specific ways to solve the problem that it analyzed in the respective city. They also suggest an improvement plan.

The program is not new for the second most populated country, as it has previously benefitted the Indian residents of Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. The smart plan of the company has succeeded in a number of cities by helping them improve the living standards of their residents. Government sources have informed that the corporation’s advice has improved the skills of the city staff.

Experts stated that the corporate giant’s development program would improve its image in the less developing countries of the world. It is probable that the citizens of the Indian region would benefit from the high-tech company’s involvement. IBM is not new to the field of public welfare, as it has previously worked to improve the healthcare services provided to patients of cancer and mental diseases.

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