Facebook And IBM Collaborate To Make Advertisement Personalized

12 May

Facebook And IBM Collaborate To Make Advertisement Personalized

The social media giant has signed a deal with IBM to make advertisement more refined on its website

Facebook has recently collaborated with IBM for the purpose of providing a platform to the companies who wish to carry out advertisement activities on the social media platform, according to recent Facebook news. Previously, the media firm has been in the news for trying to take the help of artificial intelligence to carry out its tasks related to the department of advertisement but this time around, the networking company is going to take help from IBM to give businesses a chance to make their advertisement on the social site turn out to be much better.

This collaboration of IBM and Facebook is going to turn out to be quite useful for the retailers who wish to showcase their products on the social networking website by putting up advertisements of different kinds. By receiving related information from the software company, the retailer will be able to know the purchase history and the number of time a product is viewed on the social media network which will in return help the sellers to get an idea about the likes and dislikes of the users and the ads then put on the website will be in accordance to their interests.

Facebook has also reported in as stated in Facebook latest updates that the company is also hoping for the users to carry out proper transactions through this network rather than just viewing the products. Analysts are taking this partnership between the two tech giants to be of great importance as this is recorded as another take on the retailers by the networking company in order to make the media site a platform for people to carry out shopping activities.

Only recently, IBM was seen to have signed a deal with Twitter Inc in which the software firm was to provide the networking company with an app that will give them an improved understanding of what its customers want from the company. The social media company has also been working towards making this project between the two companies licensed as well. On the other hand, IBM did not add any more ventures to this partnership with the social media company. Instead, the advertising factor was added to the partnership with Facebook and analysts believe that this is due to the reason that IBM believes the social media giant to be of more importance than its rival in the social networking industry.

Analysts believe that this could be because of the user-base of Facebook that has driven IBM to sign such a deal with it. Also, the fact that the media company is a platform full of opportunities and capabilities of carrying out business activities in a more refined way than its rivals has helped the software giant to collaborate with it for the above mentioned project.



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