Samsung Galaxy S6 making Rounds in Tech Market

11 May

Samsung Galaxy S6 making Rounds in Tech Market

The phone has some of the most remarkable features and specs, however their users have still faced some complains; the phone does not have a microSD card slot, nor is the Galaxy S6 water proof.

Samsung’s latest flagship models,  Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, is more likely to face shortage issue due to the challenges in manufacturing curved screen, according to Samsung news by the company’s head of mobile JK Shin.

Shin warned that the Korean manufacturer might not be able to meet the rising demand of smartphones in the market. He also stated that Samsung was trying its best to cope up with the production difficulties as the production would be low for a while.

Samsung’s latest models, which were revealed during Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on March 1, are now available today in 20 countries including the United Kingdom. Reports say there are around 20 million orders that have been placed by various carriers for the S6 devices.

The Samsung’s two models are powered by octa-core Samsung Exynos processor. Both are 8.6mm thick with a 5.1 inch display screen. It also has a back camera of 16MP and has a 5MP front camera. Additionally, the smartphones are built from premium material with lot of usage of glass and aluminum.

Many analysts suggest that these hindrances in supply can affect the success of Samsung’s latest models. So far there have been positive reviews about the Samsung S6 Edge for its beautiful design, expecting to surpass the demand of its flat screen Galaxy S6.

The phones which received most amazing responses after the launch. The new flagships can easily out do any competitor and look fabulous all the while. The most frustrating bit is that users cannot swap out battery on their own.

With an aluminums and glass body along with other cutting edge components, S6 and S6 edge are easily the most impressive phones from Samsung.

Well, the battery swapping procedure is actually very simple; users can easily swap the battery on their Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.  If you want to save your warranty for later then read on but beware you will have to get your hands dirty.

The procedure is fairly easy and will probably take about 15 to 20 minutes to get the job done. A step-by-step guide with photos has been compiled by ETrade Supply, along with instruction details and required tools. You won’t need any fancy tools or waste your warranty on this.

Going into your Battery Settings will also provide you with detailed stats on your device power usage, and the estimated time remaining on your battery. Two modes will be present to prolong the battery of your device, i.e. Power saving mode, and an Ultra power saving mode. The ultra mode is quite extreme as compared to the normal Power saving mode, cutting down on the display brightness and functionality. Samsung Galaxy S6 also has an Abnormal battery usage section, that identifies which app is draining your battery the most.



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One response to “Samsung Galaxy S6 making Rounds in Tech Market

  1. Phillip Bradley

    May 28, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    I brought a Samsung S 6 and have found the battery life is very short and find it difficult find fault other than the battery life problem.
    I brought my phone from john lewis department store.



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