Can Tesla Motors Resolve India’s Power Crisis?

11 May



Tesla Motors has recently introduced Powerwall, a battery system designed to store energy for use in times of power shortage.

Tesla Motors has recently introduced Powerwall, a battery system designed to store energy for use in times of scarcity of power. Tesla news reported that the huge population of the India suffers from power shortages. Experts presented the view that the storage devices are needed to address the concerns of the sufferers of energy crisis in India.

Tesla news today informed that the newly designed device is capable of solving the energy problems of more than 300,000,000 Indian people. This information indicates that the Indian people should welcome the high-tech product.

The Indian residents are well aware of the idea behind the new energy storing equipment. They are already making use of an inverter that shares fundamentals of Tesla’s batteries. The new product is much more efficient than the current product. Company sources have informed that two models of Powerwall would be introduced, including a 10-kilowatt/hour unit and a 7-kilowatt/hour unit. Energy experts believe that 1Kwh unit is capable of operating a laptop, an electric kettle ten times, and a full washing machine cycle.

Market sources revealed that the currently operating storage devices have failed to make use of solar power. It is most likely that the Indian government would suffer from this failure when it tries to produce 100 Gigawatts of solar electricity by 2020. It is probable that Powerwall’s ability to store solar energy would help the authorities of the second most populated country in the world.

Power experts believe that this innovative energy-storing device would not prove useful for common households, as they would not save money. The larger version of the new battery called Power stack could prove to be useful for businesses, as it has been designed to address the concerns of industries.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the price of the Powerwall battery has made it commercially unsuitable for not just Indian users but also for Europeans and Americans. This suggests that the product is quite unaffordable, and costs around Rs.191,700 ($3000) for the 7 KWH model and Rs.223,260 ($3500) for the 10KWH in the United States of America.

A number of other problems have also hindered the employment of new power storage devices, such as lack of supporting infrastructures. It is expected that its costs would be lowered and it would be widely accepted. The introduction of the power-storing product has initiated discussions on power supply networks.

The business should work to minimize the costs. This aforementioned storage system would not only meet energy requirements but also improve the global economy, as energy is essential for economic growth. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the electric storage device is able to solve the problems of energy users.

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