After The Release Of Apple Watch, The Future Of App Design

11 May

After The Release Of Apple Watch, The Future Of App Design


Apple Watch Makes App Designers To Think of App Design As More Than Just A Responsive Design

Latest Apple news is that the launch of its smartwatch has represented the proof point where the designers now have more devices to be considered in order for the new apps design to take place. Not only this emerges as the huge prospective opportunity for many developers to enhance the personal experience of the users but it also presents the evolving complex challenge that is ahead for the designers, it requires them to design for the tablets, web, mobile and now the wearables too.

There are more indicators that the digital screens will be the source of interaction for us, for majority of the source of communication mediums in the near future. For instance, Coca Cola’s newest vending machines which are operated by only touching the screen, or Model S by Tesla which is considered to be the high end car and has replaced the conventional dashboards with a 17-inch touch screen, this clearly begins pointing at the fact that norm of next generation mainstream vehicles is going to consist of.

Apple news reports that the designs have evolved from websites to phones. Designing for more than one screen is not new; we all have experienced the rise of responsive designs which has made its place as the substantial way for the web-based content’s delivery across many devices. Instead of designing the layouts which are pixel-perfect, this approach points to adjusting the layout and also the flow of content on the basis of screen size. It makes it practical to deliver the content which is well designed across the form factors’ wide range.

While we consider the enormously increasing the importance of the apps which are installed on devices, the challenges in design are beyond the adjustment of screen sizes for different layouts. The opportunity is to make the contextual experiences, which are designed in the form of overall system that provides ability to customers to interact with the application residing on device that suits their needs the most at a given location or time.

The fact that the Apple Watch has been introduced in order to be used along with the iPhone points to the important aspect, the users will not be experiencing your apps in isolation on one device now. The users are more likely to pick the device and interact with it now, switching from one to another, depending on the needs in a given time.

Designing for the devices only to fit the content into different sizes is not the thing anymore, as the world inclines towards the wearable devices, the system design is expected to cater all the possibilities to enhance the user experience.

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