Tesla Motors Collaborates With Select Registry

08 May

Tesla Motors Collaborates With Select Registry

Tesla Motors has decided to collaborate with the non-profit organization, ‘Select Registry’, to provide charging facilities to vehicle users.

Tesla Motors has decided to collaborate with the American nonprofit association, Select Registry. Tesla news reported that both organizations would be working to provide an opportunity to automaker’s users to charge their vehicles conveniently, which indicates that the partners would try to facilitate the difficulties of the vehicle users.

The association and the electric carmaker would be extending the ‘Tesla Destination Charging’ program, which is known for allowing Tesla users to charge whenever they want to travel. Tesla news today informed that the joint efforts of the two organizations would allow users to ‘repower’ their automobiles at more than 170 Select Registry B&Bs, hotels, and inns, in more than 30 states and Canadian province, Nova Scotia.

Select Registry is the only organization known for providing unique and high quality lodging services. It has entered a rapidly growing network in which the company collaborates with resorts, restaurants, and businesses, located across the globe, offering power chargers at locations where drivers have time to power their cars for a time span of two hours.

Experts stated the view that the cooperation between the two ‘entities’ would not only increase the sales of the company but also reduce the levels of pollution. Tesla motors news affirmed that its products are likely to reduce pollution levels, as their levels of emissions are quite low, which suggests that the program would also benefit the environment. These ‘green cars’ are need of such ‘emission-conscious’ times.

The company’s supercharger network consists of more than 420 stations along highways. Market sources revealed that this ‘powering infrastructure’ has promoted the uses of Model S cars. The users can enjoy the drive all day, charge vehicles for half an hour, and then move to the property of ‘Select Registry’ for a night where Tesla’s power wall connector would charge their vehicles. Company sources have reported that this charger adds 58 miles of range per hour.

The Chief Executive Officer of Select Registry has stated that its members are known for serving their guests in the best possible manner .This statement tells us that the association would not only supply power to the automobiles but also provide comfort their drivers in terms of charging issues. The details of the nonprofit institution’s powering locations have been posted on its websites for the convenience of customers.

Both organizations should now try their best to ensure that users of these vehicles are able to benefit in the best possible manner. It is probable that the program would add to the sale of the company by providing facilities to the users. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the efforts of the two organizations are able to add to the convenience of Tesla’s users.

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