Facebook Develops New Advertising Features

08 May

Facebook Develops New Advertising Features


Facebook has introduced new advertising features for its publishers.

Facebook has introduced a new standard advertising format for its publishers, which would make ad launching convenient, as reported by Facebook news. This feature would ensure that its users are able to advertise through the online platform audience network. 

Facebook news today reported that the new technique would permit publishers to use attributes, such as ad height, font, button border treatment, and background color. The newly launched system would be equipped with modification options that would permit ads to look similar to the content of conventional applications.

The ‘social network’ has also launched advert management tools that would manage a number of requests to make sure that the best performing commercial is employed at the ‘right time for the right person’. Instead of pioneering an update to deliver native resources, a publisher can shift control towards the new system for dealing with this new function. Market sources have revealed that the publishers can use up to 10 adverts and use them in the ‘best-ranked’ order.

Social media sources have reported that the new updates have not only increased the number of applications employing the Facebook Audience network, but have also added to the ‘cost-per-thousand impressions’. This report indicates that the newly developed systems have added to the potential of the network.

The management of the network has conducted a study to measure the performance of ads. It has revealed that banner ads are not influential, as users have stopped viewing the top or bottom section of an application. Facebook breaking news affirmed that the research has highlighted the importance of integrated advertisements, as they are better equipped to attract users. This suggests that the means by which ads are launched are very important.

Industry sources have highlighted that the audience network has helped a number of organizations, including the American Navy and the education company, ‘Rosetta Stone’. The Naval force has improved its campaign by more than 30%, while Rosetta Stone has used the network’s ads to influence others to install its mobile application, cutting cost per impression by almost 40%.

The online corporate giant has disclosed that the marketing application developer, Fiksu, found out that the use of ecommerce applications through the network was responsible for earning 20% more income. This disclosure tells us that the audience platform has proved to be quite useful for the networking giant. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent these new tools are able to entertain the social network users.

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