What to anticipate from Samsung this year?

06 May

What to anticipate from Samsung this year?

Samsung’s latest technology lineup of 2015 TVs, SUHD and UHD TVs were unveiled last month at an even in New York.

According to Samsung news the new models feature the company’s cutting-edge TV technology, 4K pixel resolution, wide range of colors, and high dynamic range for ultra-bright details.

Samsung Curved SUHD TV lineup

The JS9500 TV by Samsung features a curved screen with nano-crystal technology. This model has a prominent increase in the extent of colors involved in a video which directors have always dreamed of for the public to see. PurColor  controls the color output for a more natural experience, and Samsung’s Auto-Depth Enhancer, features option to adjust contrast, giving an improved sense of appearance. The company’s One Connect Box comes along with the TV, this box allows the TV to be updated with the most recent UHD standards that are still in process. Prices for this model TV start from $6,500, and the will be launching in stores this April.

The latest Samsung breaking news revealed that the JS9100 in the curved SUHD TV lineup. This TV supports the highest illuminator Pro technology, which brightens up the darkest parts of the picture with LED illumination. The JS9100 model also features crisper images, almost eliminating anything known as low-resolution today, in other words it is capable of up scaling UHD. Arriving in May, at a price of $10,000, for a 78-inch model.

Last but not the least in the SUHD TV lineup by Samsung is the JS9000. Featuring an edge-lit LED panel, nano-crystal technology, Precision Black for improved black points, and for increased brightness the model includes Peak Illuminator Pro. This curved model functions with Tizen-based Smart TV platform by Samsung. The choice is yours whether you would like to place the TV on its stand, or hang it on the wall. Available in 48, 55, and 65-inches for $3,500, $4,000, and $5,000 respectively.


Samsung Curved UHD TV lineup

A few new models were added to Samsung’s UHD lineup. First up, with 4K UHD resolution, we have the JU6700 Curved UHD TV. The model features  PurColor technology, making the colors look real, rather oversaturated. But does not support the wide color variety by the SUHD lineup models. Landing in stores this spring, with a variety of size options. For $950 is a 40-inch, $1,150 for a 48-inch, $1,500 for 55-inch, and $2,700 for a 65-inch model.

Next, the JU7500 Curved UHD TV was added to this lineup from Samsung, which features a technology that can bring ordinary resolution files up to high-resolution 4K UHD quality. Also arriving this spring, in a couple of sizes: 40-inch for $1,400, 48-inch for $1,600, 55-inch for $2,000, 65-inch for $3,000, and 78-inch model TV for $6,000.

Samsung SUHD and UHD flat TVs

Not interested in curved TVs? Samsung is also about to bring to you two of its flat TVs – one in the UHD line, and the second in the SUHD line.  JS8500 the company’s flat SUHD TV may seem to be a normal TV, but it features Precision Black technology, high dynamic range, and nano-crystal technology which supports a wide range of colors. Tizen Smart TV platform functions with the TV. The model is finally available in a range of two sizes, 55-inch for $3,000, and 65-inch for $4,000.

On the other hand, the JU7100 is flat screen UHD model TV, which has UHD Dimming which increases brightness in the most darkest situations, and Peak illuminator technology. This model also works with the Smart TV platform, and will be landing in stores this month. Starting from the smallest size again, the 40-inch model is priced at $1,400, 50-inch for $1,500, 55-inch for $1,800, and the 75-inch model TV is for $5,000.

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