Google Introduces Inbox by Gmail, Acquires Timeful

06 May

Google Introduces Inbox by Gmail, Acquires Timeful


Google is on the verge of making people more organized by introducing personal assistance apps in the form of Timeful.

Latest Google news is regarding the Inbox by Gmail feature that was recently introduced by the company. The main aim behind the release of it is to make the email experience of the people smarter than before. It seems that this is merely the beginning of plans by Google in order to help the users staying organized. In the blog post, Google announced that the tech giant has acquired Timeful app and also the brains behind it.

For anyone who has not come across Timeful, the app is iOS based and aims to make the lives of its users easier by combining all the management features such as scheduling, calendar and to-do lists and putting them in one place. The app acts as an intelligent assistant and also encourages the users to make use of their time in a better way by managing the tasks. Also, the app schedules the users’ days as per the time available, the deadlines and other stuff.

Still wondering what that means? Basically, the users tell the app what they wish to accomplish, the app in return helps the users fit all those things in the hectic schedule. For example, the user informs the app that they want to lift weights at least three times in a week and also that they have to buy the anniversary gift for their significant other by Friday and they have to get cardio for 30 minutes daily. Timeful shall observe the schedule that you go about and squeeze all these tasks in. Timeful will be continuing its services for now but the team of the app will be most likely focusing on the new project by the now parent company Google, as per the Google news. The tech giant has specifically mentioned Inbox, ‘Beyond’ and Calendar as few of those products that shall benefit the acquisition of Timeful.

Such acquisition also points that the company has now owned some iOS app to make it happen for Google as well. This management app can be of great help for the people as they are already praising the Gmail functionality but if the scheduling and the to-do lists for the people is enhanced to a proposed level of personal assistance then it will be worth it. There are many of us who are excited to hear about it and are also expecting some great news soon regarding the new management features and apps by Google. Now that the search engine algorithm has been enhanced to work for not only the suitable websites and topics but also suggestive android apps, in no time we might see these newly developed apps under the suggestion of management apps too maybe.

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