Financial Analysts Appreciate Tesla Motors

06 May

Financial Analysts Appreciate Tesla Motors


Tesla Motors has been appreciated by a number of financial analysts, such as Morgan Stanley, Jefferies Group, and Credit Suisse. Jefferies has given a buy rating.

Tesla Motors would be benefitted by the rising popularity of its electric automobiles while its newly launched batteries contribute to its effort. The analysts of the international investment firm, Jefferies Group, have stated that the company has not only improved its storage devices but has also managed to reduce its costs.

Experts have also stated that the efforts of the electric-vehicle pioneer have not been wasted, as it has dominated the market. This indicates that the company believes batteries are the most competitive products in the automobile market.

Tesla news stated that Jefferies has given a buy rating to the company shares, and experts believe that shareholders should buy its stock and contribute to its financial resources. This rating has been given at a good time, as the automobile developer is building a huge lithium-ion battery manufacturing factory in Nevada, for which huge sums of money are needed.

The financial expert also believes that the ‘vehicle business’ is also performing very well, as it could supply at least 500,000 electric cars per year by 2020 in North America and Western Europe. The expert predicts that the demand for Tesla’s electric vehicles would rise.

Tesla news today reported that of 700 people polled, more than 65% were interested in alternative fuel cars, and 7% were considering a Tesla vehicle. It can be inferred that large number of people believes that electric cars are quite beneficial for them.

The company has recently launched its stationary storage batteries. Investors are interested in finding out how Tesla manages its battery production with its plans to supply more Model S Sedans. The competitive production of such SBUs remains a mystery, but not for long, until the planning is actually transformed into actions.

Apart from Jefferies, other analysts have also appreciated the batteries of the electric automobile maker, as Credit Suisse has stated that the company enjoys a battery cost advantage. This statement suggests that its storage systems have impressed the financial world.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the investment firm, Morgan Stanley, has also appreciated the ‘car manufacturer’ while stating that its share price development and profitability would continue to dominate the market. The analysis showed that it would not only strengthen its financial resources but also threaten its competitors.

Industry experts believe that Tesla should continue its efforts to boost productivity and cost efficiency, or it could suffer, especially in the Chinese market. In the second largest economy, higher levels of competition are expected, as the Chinese government is forcing vehicle manufacturers to start producing electric vehicles. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the reports of the analysts are able to affect the decisions of the shareholders of the organization.

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