QR Codes Being Made Cool Again By Snapchat

05 May

QR Codes Being Made Cool Again By Snapchat


Snapchat has introduced Snapcodes which will let the users follow other by pointing their Snapchat camera on the QR code of that user.

For years, QR codes have been the source of laughing stock. The bar codes had been embarked on many magazines and posters and were also signaled as the way which is easier to connect to bonus content or URLs. However they had become a symbol of frustration and over-engineering.

The QR codes became a joke as they would not scan efficiently and for that matter, it was said that only Snapchat can make them cool. It has become funnier now that Snapchat has actually worked on it and made that statement fall into the category of truth.

Latest Snapchat news is that the company has launched Snapcodes which are also known as Snaptags. Every Snapchatter has now their own QR code which is Snapchat branded displayed on the profile which can be accessed by pressing the icon which is more like a yellow ghost atop the camera. One user can automatically follow another person by focusing their app’s camera on the Snapcode of that user.

The company has reported that there are millions of Snapcodes that are being scanned per week. Snapchat news reports that in order to make life easier for the celebrities on the Snapchat, stars and also the everyday users, the app has now allowed the users to download the vector versions of the users’ Snapcodes that the users can put on the big screens, posters and even on websites.

The app does not have a way through which users can discover the people they would follow; however, the Snapcodes that are downloadable could help interconnect the huge number of users. The more people are able to follow large number of other users, the more content there is more content that is accessible to them and there are high chances that people will use it for long and there would be more opportunities for the startup to make money.

Not to forget that QR codes being cool is the forte of Snapchat only. Since the time it has been launched, people have begun screenshotting them and using them as a display picture on twitter and even blogging them or posting them on the social networks to promote Snapchat to the other community of friends and also encourage them to begun using it. The vector versions of the Snapcode can enlarge to any size and will not lose its quality which is another great factor by the company.

Snapcodes can be seen as the follow button for the app. Since the app did not have any website or links, it had to have a solution to the Facebook or Twitter’s follow button.

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