GTA V Out On PC; Fix Bugs Before Starting

04 May

GTA V Out On PC; Fix Bugs Before Starting


This ultimate version of Rockstar is now going to be delivered with PC processing power

The most awaited game on the PC, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) finally arrived in April. This ultimate version ofRockstar has just delivered its gamers with extra content and added features, offering a long-anticipated gift. The launch of GTA V initiated smoothly, but a problem seems to be persisting there. PC gamers are facing issues while updating or even installing the game, this is due to their user names related to Windows.

The action-adventure game is now going to be delivered with PC processing power. This allows the user to show off a variety of visual options, offering up to 4k resolution at an average 60 frames per second. GTA V also supports NVidia 3D Vision on your monitor.

PC gamers can now detail the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County, and enjoy riding around with greater levels of viewing action. Rockstar Edition allows gamers to enjoy a high level of gameplay action that can be captured, as well as shared on social media and YouTube.

The game is installed and updated as planned, only if gamers use an account name including the letter A to Z, or numbers 0-9. However, buyers of GTA V who do not want to face the problem anymore can create a new user account. If the user’s existing accounts include any special characters, it will not allow him to access the game.

Though it is one of the biggest issues Grand Theft Auto V is confronting after its launch, yet not the only problem. The saved data of gamers including their GTA online characters are supposed to easily transfer from consoles to PC when logging in with the same user name, but due to some reason this is not happening. Also Windows Media Player is not appearing on some systems. However, Rockstar is expected to rectify the problems soon.

The latest research by Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has revealed that 155 million Americans play video games. It also suggested that every four out of five household have gaming device of some kind.

ESA gathers data and publishes reports annually of the gaming industry, revealing data on its customer base and its expansion. This year’s report shows some latest developments of the $22.41 billion that were spent by customers on gaming in the year 2014.

The study suggests that PC is the most used device in America with 62 percent of the most gamers use it to play, while the specific consoles account for 56 percent, and the smartphones stands at 35 percent. However, handheld systems such as Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are the most unpopular devices in the country at 21 percent.


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