Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio 2015 , New Add-In Feature and More on Build 2015

30 Apr

Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio 2015 , New Add-In Feature and More on Build 2015


Microsoft Build 2015 has begun and the software giant has introduced VS 2015 and also add-ins for Microsoft Office.

The release candidate of Visual Studio 2015 has been released by Microsoft at Build conference that begun yesterday. The conference is being conducted in San Francisco. Microsoft news today reports that not only the new release include the bug fixes and polished UI but also the most important factor that the software shall support Universal Apps which is now able to run on Windows 10 device, be it phones, tablets, PCs and also project pertaining to augmented reality also known as HoloLens.

The developers are now going to be able to write cross-platform codes for applications along with Apache Cordova and also the libraries of Visual C++ that have been updated in Visual Studio 2015. Xamarin can be used by developers to develop native apps as the VS 2015 now comprises of the free version of this software now as well.

Microsoft news reports that the other features that have been introduced in Visual Studio 2015 include the support for the server applications that are cross platform, such as Node.JS, .NET Core or Python. However these have now become available in Linux and Mac as well.

The users have observed that the company is showing great interest towards giving the opportunity to developers to create cross platform software and applications. The company’s spokesperson expressed that the software company has learned that developers not only wish to have choices among the various programming languages but also about the platform and environment where their apps would run. This suggests the ways to be opted that have not been taken before by the company. The other significant step that the company has decided is about taking .NET framework to Mac and Linux. This might have been amusing and impossible couple of years ago but it’s going to happen now. The software giant shall also launch a Visual Studio Code Editor which will be able to run on Mac, Linux along with Windows.

The other unveiled news at the event was regarding the new frameworks that are add-in for Office. These frameworks will make the developers able to develop apps on top of the organization’s productivity applications which shall be run anywhere where Office is.

Since these mini-apps have been built in Jsp and HTML, they are not limited to Windows only. These add-ins will show up in the upgraded versions of their apps for iPads.

The frameworks being introduced are aim to make the applications related to Office more powerful by enabling the sub-apps as per the context.

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