Tesla Motors Suffers From Hacking Attempt

28 Apr

Tesla Motors Suffers From Hacking Attempt


Twitter accounts of the company were compromised, as the company blames that security failure of AT&T allowed the invasion.

Tesla has witnessed a disturbing event from the social networking world, as its Twitter accounts have suffered from a hacking attempt. Tesla News reported that the management of the company was struck and lost control of its networking accounts for an hour. In that short period, the hackers were able to control the ‘domain name’ of the company. The ‘invaders’ moved the address of the social network. The most dangerous aspect of this activity is that the attackers were trained to exploit mail servers. This permitted them to gain control of the electronic mail and employ it to amend passwords for their social networking accounts.

The name of the network’s account was changed and renamed to “RIPPRGANG”. Hackers also tried to affect the account’s activities, started to post shout-outs to their friends, and offered a free electric vehicle. The same type of online incursion was also conducted against the Malaysian Airlines website, which was renamed by a group known as Lizard Squad.

Tesla news today informed that a security flaw of the American telecommunication service provider, AT&T, allowed the malicious operation. These hackers were able to convince the customer services staff of the service provider that he is an employee of the ‘Musk-owned’ vehicle-producing organization. They then requested the manufacturer to send all calls to that phone to a new number. Experts stated the view that the security violators would have harmed the security system of the accounts.

The Chief of Communications, Richard Reyes, has stated that the attackers failed to damage the production, client’s database, and corporate network. This statement indicates that the company has not been badly damaged by the invader’s attempt.

Tesla Motors news highlighted that it has decided to jointly investigate the security breach and would take help of the Federal Authorities, network solutions, and AT&T. It is most likely that the findings of this probe would not only improve its privacy strategies but also threaten the hacking experts.

Market sources have revealed that the company was soon able to undo the activities of the hackers. Telecommunications experts believe that the managements of other organizations should also study the website‘s invasion to prevent themselves from suffering from such malicious attacks.

The state authorities should take steps to threaten and punish hackers and their collaborators. The company is also advised to lobby in favor of an anti-hacking legislation that is essential for the safety of sensitive information and prevention in the future.

Experts believe that heavy punishments can play a significant role in curtailing the malicious operations of hacking experts. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent this case’s investigation is able to aid in the development of security policies.

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