Samsung Plans To Fulfill The Demands Of Its Galaxy S6 Edge

28 Apr

Samsung Plans To Fulfill The Demands Of Its Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung has planned an early start to the production of its Samsung S6 Edge model due to increasing demand

Samsung’s rivalry with Apple dates back to decades. However, the recent performances of the South Korean smart phone maker left it behind in the race of becoming the king of the industry. The company lost it all due to poor sales of its Samsung Galaxy S5 last year as mentioned by latest Samsung news. To be fair, the company had to recover a lot and its next move had to be solid in order to get back in the race and prove that its Galaxy models can still compete the high-end phones in the market.

Therefore, with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the company was set to recover for its losses from the past year. It believed that the new mobile devices would turn the tables in company’s favor once they are officially launched. Moreover, the giant smartphone maker claimed that it will record sales break on the launch day. But the company stated that it might face difficulties in fulfilling the demand of Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones due to low production. The new production for this model was scheduled in June, a noted by current Samsung updates.

It is believed that the company is now all set to start the production early than it previously announced due to hefty demand. The company will be manufacturing the new models in its third factory in Seoul which will keep the smartphone giant busy to meet the growing demands. The smart phone models were launched in two versions where the S6 Edge was supposed to be the better and expensive one, however, short to meet the demands. The Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Company, John Kyun stated that the company is determined to increase production of this model in order to support the high demand the company has noticed a day before it was launched.

BidnessETC wrote, “Korea Times reported earlier this month Samsung’s expectations of making record sales of the new Galaxy S6 smartphones as the company hopes to sell over 70 million units. Apple, via iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and cheaper Chinese alternatives stole customers from Samsung for mobile devices and the company plans to strike back.”

Since last year, Apple has outperformed Samsung in the market. Moreover, the major downfall in sales and revenues as well as in Samsung’s business, Apple has gone on to become the uncrowned king of the smartphone industry. The company is now dependent on its new Samsung Galaxy S6 model in an attempt to take on Apple’s products as well as in taking the limelight away from the tech giant.

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