Tesla Motors Receives An Order From Chinese Taxi Company

27 Apr

Tesla Motors Receives An Order From Chinese Taxi Company


The American manufacturer has faced a high time, as a Chinese taxi company has decided to purchase its vehicles, which is anticipated to promote the integrity of the American company.

Tesla Motors has faced a high time, as it has received an order from a Chinese taxi service provider. Tesla News reported that the Wuhan Tri- Ring taxi company has placed an order of 100 Model S sedans. The procured automobiles would be used to transfer passengers in a city of approximately 10,000,000 people.

The Chinese transporter is an old client of the automobile manufacturer, as it already owns 10 vehicles from Tesla that offer rides for higher charges than traditional gasoline vehicles. The company is not new to the transportation market, as it has previously supplied 167 Model S Sedans to the Dutch government-owned Schiphol Group. The sold automobiles were employed to transfer passengers to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Tesla News today informed that the manufacturer is not willing to receive large orders, as these affect its supply to current American customers. This information questions the supply chain management of the company. Experts presented the view that the CEO, Elon Musk, should improve the chain; otherwise, he could suffer in the future, as the demand for electric vehicles is rising in the People’s Republic of China.

Norway was the first European country to employ Tesla vehicles as taxis in 2014. The ‘e-vehicle’-friendly policies of the Norwegian Government have made Model S affordable in the Scandinavian country. The production orders of the company are evidence of its potential prospects in the market.

Tesla Motors news have highlighted that the cars are designed for commercial transportation because they are able to cover distances greater than the average daily routes for traditional taxis. The ordered vehicles are capable of travelling 270 miles per charge. Transportation experts anticipate that the vehicle’s speed would meet its commercial objective.

The high levels of traffic are likely to affect the performance of these automobiles. The popularity of electric taxis is also rising in the United States of America, where an application for the establishment of an electric taxi company has been approved. Media sources have informed that EcoCab would start service with 15 electric powered vehicles. It is probable that this rising popularity would play its role in reducing the pollution levels of the world.

The ‘automobile manufacturer’ has received the order at a time when its performance in the most populated country has suffered because its sales staff has misinformed the Chinese vehicle users. It is expected that the ordered cars would not only increase the sales revenue of the American manufacturer but also promote its integrity in the Chinese market, as many taxi users will witness the operations of the supplied vehicles. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the ordered automobiles are able to benefit their users and the environment of the People’s Republic of China.

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