Is Apple Manufacturing Larger iPad Pro Tablets?

24 Apr

Is Apple Manufacturing Larger iPad Pro Tablets


The company is working on new specifications and designs to attract its consumer base all over again

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has been struggling to attract the tablet market where its sales have persistently declined. In this regard, the company has asked the suppliers to produce larger screen iPad Pro tablets in the second half, people familiar to the matter reported.

According to the latest Apple updates, and rumors that have been floating, the company has ordered the supplier to start the mass production of larger screen tablets in the first quarter of 2015.

The company is working on new specifications and designs to attract its consumer base all over again. The current Apple news reported that the company strives to produces 12.9 inches iPad Pro and seeks to offer more functionality with the upcoming device. The iPad is likely to offer USB ports by adapting USB 3.0 technology. This is an extremely fast version of the current USB ports which will enable the device to transfer data 10 times faster than its predecessor. The technology will prove fruitful for those who wish to transfer heavy data at a faster pace. The current versions of iPad and iPad mini do not have USB port functionality.

Apple has continued to rework some of the features of the larger iPad, thus is now considering the faster technology for data synchronization between the larger iPad and other computing devices,” reported the source. “It is also working on the technology to speed up the iPad charging time yet is uncertain if the final design will have these new features.”

Moreover, the company is looking forward to enabling external devices through various ports. It is currently brainstorming features and specification with suppliers. However, it might eliminate some features when the production starts on mass level. Apple has declined to comment over the matter.

With the rapid popularity of larger screen iPhones the company lost a potential share of its iPad market. iPhone sales have taken the industry by storm resulting in a decline in Apple’s tablet market. The larger screen iPad will enable the company to redeem the tablet’s position by distinguishing it from its smartphones. Moreover, Apple has reported a decline of 18 percent in iPad sales as compared to FY13 where it only succeeded in selling 21.4 million iPad units, mentioned the analyst.

According to the research firm IDC, the company has lost a global market share of its tablets by 5 percent where it stood at 33.1 percent in FY13. Moreover, a resistance is observed among consumers to invest in tablets since there have not been many hardware innovations resulting in a decline of tablet shipments across the globe.

Apple seeks to cash its collaboration with International Business Machines Corp. who has agreed to sell Apple’s iPads and iPhones to its clients. This will assist the company in penetrating its technology into corporate sector.

IBM and Apple have been reportedly working on several made-for-business apps, which target the retail, governmental institutions, banking, telecommunication etc.

It is also said that Apple also seeks to diversify its canvas by offering a new 12 inch Macbook Air. The company has started the mass production of Macbook Air that will have better resolutions.

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