WhatsApp Reveals Its Monthly Active Users

23 Apr

WhatsApp Reveals Its Monthly Active Users


WhatsApp announced the number of active monthly users this week and its 800 million in number.

Latest Facebook news is regarding its acquired company WhatsApp. In this week, one of the messaging pioneers crossed a milestone of the active users on the monthly basis. The company passed this milestone when the CEO, Jan Koum unveiled that the app has broken 800 million active users. In this era, this amount is something too big as the world is seeing the social networks pioneer as well established entities and also the numerously growing features by Internet services. Entering such a club is not easy; however WhatsApp has made its way to that point. Over the past year, user base for WhatsApp has increased in twice the number, since the time it was acquired for whopping $19 billion by Facebook.

Despite the numbers being huge, there is some disturbing fact for the newly discovered data point, Koum expressed in the Facebook post that:

“At this point, most people know the difference between these two metrics. Monthly active users are a more accurate way to measure the reach and engagement of a service — but it is far from definitive.”

There could be some users granted the tag of being monthly active users even if they are among the people who use the app merely for five minutes in a month and are a part of the people who actively use WhatsApp on dual SIM, twice.

When it comes to apps with messaging service, they are the most integral part; we are most likely to use these services more than once or twice in a month because we communicate with our friends, families and other personnel on daily basis.

The more appropriate gauge for measuring the traction on WhatsApp could possibly be the number of monthly and also weekly users, the number of messages sent by the user in a day and also the messages sent between the users, etc.

The Facebook news reported earlier this year how messaging has become more than sending text or pictures to each other, it has become a platform to connect business personnel with consumers and how it can further be monetized, the possibilities are endless and can be considered for WhatsApp too.

This seems that the most users that WhatsApp currently has are in India, 70 million users that are monthly active and some of them in Europe and Middle East. However, in U.S, majority of the consumers are inclined towards iMessage and that market is still a challenging task for the messaging app.

While we droll over the number of active monthly users have been declared, remember it is another statistic unless monetized in a better way.

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