Tesla Motors introduces batteries for commercial and home uses

23 Apr

Tesla Motors introduces batteries for commercial and home uses


Tesla Motors has decided to launch batteries for commercial and home uses. The company has started testing its batteries and expects to increase the revenues.

Tesla Motors has decided to introduce batteries for homes and utilities. Tesla news reported that the vehicle manufacturer wants to supply charging devices for a number of business uses. Experts have stated that the company would earn $65,000,000 from its operations in the alternative energy sector. This statement indicates that the incentive has attracted the company.

Market sources have revealed that the car producer has signed an agreement with Wal-Mart, as it has successfully installed charging devices in 11 stores of the seller. Experts presented the view that the installation would promote the newly introduced device.

Tesla news today informed that Walmart is not the only partner of the vehicle manufacturer, as Cargill has also agreed to employ these batteries. The management of the company has refused to disclose the means by which the battery would be employed.

The stock market has welcomed the environment-friendly initiative of the production, as the company’s share price has increased by 4.8%. This rise tends to suggest that the investors believe that the alternate power sector would contribute to the growth of the business. Experts confirm that the introduction of the batteries would increase the revenues and profits of the company.

Tesla Motors news informed that the company has installed devices in 300 Californian houses equipped with solar devices, as it has started to test its batteries in homes. The Founder and Chief Executive, Elon Musk, has proclaimed that two different batteries would be officially launched on 30th April, which would meet the power needs of homes and industries.

Similarly, its Chief of Investor Relations, Jeffrey Evanson, has claimed that the company would discuss the benefits of the devices, as the management believes that it needs to spread the awareness regarding the high-tech tools. Power storage industry is a huge industry in the United States of America. In the next five years, the revenue of the industry is anticipated to reach $1,500,000,000.

The ‘Self Generation Incentive Program’ of California has been introduced to help the interests of the energy storage firms, inaugurated in the first year of the 21st Century and sponsored by ratepayers, industry sources reported that $83,000,000 have been pooled in the program. This figure represents the financial ability of the firm.

The incentive plan reduces the burden of the battery producers, as it covers a major proportion of the costs. All plans pass through a technical exam and are bound to be linked with grid in two years. The companies are rewarded with rebates after the completion of the projects. It is most likely that the newly developed tools would not only conserve energy but also reduce the pollution levels in the largest economy of the world.

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