Blackberry Acquires WatchDox

22 Apr

Blackberry Acquires WatchDox


Blackberry would soon purchase WatchDox in attempts to improve the services, as both would benefit from the transaction.

Blackberry is about to acquire the California-based company, WatchDox. BlackBerry news has confirmed the transaction in near future but the financial terms of the deal have not been announced. The disclosure of the conditions would signify the prospects of the deal. Experts view that the acquisition would not only boost the sales of the manufacturer’s mobile safety offerings but also strengthen the research and development capabilities of the company. The purchased business currently operates a research and development center in the state of Israel.

Startup WatchDox is known for pioneering softwares that permit corporations to monitor the means by which their workers copy, print, edit, or transfer files. Its technology is also capable of deleting the files stored in a number of devices, which include BlackBerrys, Google powered Android phones, and iPhones of Apple. One could say that the acquired organization is specialized in the field of ‘monitoring and controlling’ the employees.

The corporate giant had previously purchased the German organization, Secusmart. BlackBerry news today estimates its price to be $82,000,000. Industry sources have informed that both ‘purchases’ would improve the potential of the Canadian manufacturer, as a number of security features would be added to its services, which include secure information, secure messaging, secure voice, and secure files.

Blackberry breaking news affirmed that the management believes the sales of smartphones and mobile security features would contribute to the growth of the company, which has previously failed to compete with a number of corporations, such as Apple and Samsung Electronics. Telecommunication experts believe that the deal could attract a huge number of conventional enterprise customers who had rejected the company’s outdated safety technology earlier. A number of corporations, such as Citrix Systems Inc. and Mobile Inc., had attracted the customers.

The Chief Executive Officer of WatchDox, Moti Rafalin, has stated that its counterpart in the deal would provide market access to the company. This statement indicates that both the firms have equally benefitted from the transaction. The collaboration between both businesses would not only secure the information of a large number of users but also speed up the recovery of the phone manufacturer, as the sales of Blackberry have declined by more than 30% in the quarter of the year.

Experts believe that the business should take a number of measures to ensure the recovery of lost market share. The integration would soon improve the selling abilities of both. Now, it is yet to be seen that to what extent the acquisition is able to serve the interests of both ‘entities’ and their customers.


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