Apple Inc First Smarwatch – What It Could Be

21 Apr

Apple Inc First Smarwatch - What It Could Be


Apple has created its first smart watch and it could be your future virtual assistant.

The Apple Watch’s first iteration has been making a buzz and people are questioning what it is. But if we come to think of what it could be, there are many possibilities for the future.

Apple Watch, the company’s first smart watch reported by latest Apple news is the device that might fit into the category of perfect virtual assistant that people have wished to have. It has also utilized the Siri in the best way possible, better than on the smart phone and tablet where it had been introduced earlier.

It is most likely that people will forget Siri as much of a use on iPhone or iPad for that matter. There are numerous other distractions on tap when it comes to iOS functionality. The less-is-more device should have the path of least confrontation in the form of voice, no denying in the fact that it is the primary way of communication and it can happen whenever the voice recognition shall be improved for Siri.

The smart watch by Apple has placed Siri right on your wrist with deliberate intentions. The current needs of people can be contextualized and understood with the help of this. That is what your realistic assistant would do, so why not Siri? A smart watch which is omni-present assistant (virtual) and is also capable of tapping you on your wrist so it can grab your attention is the grander version of what normal or usual smart watches have been selling us till now, fitness tracking is the most heard of promise in this regard.

Apple news suggests that the company has been planning a lot about making virtual assistant into being and introducing it to the users. The startup responsible for Siri was bought by the company in 2010. Cue was also acquired by the company in 2013 which is a personal assistant app. The reason behind tech giant’s interest and involvement in this regard mainly focuses on the evolution that mobile search shall see in future.

When it comes to apps and the world surrounding them, something gives, that is time. It is finite and nobody can change that. Apple hinted the fact that the more the gadgets, the more the time-sink capacity for humans and that is why repackaged the smart watch into a wearable business opportunity.

The virtual assistant concept has become more interesting when it comes to time strapped moments in tech, what if it is capable of living up to the billing in the form of a savvy, interactive and intelligent layer that manages your interaction with other devices and don’t let you sweat around interacting with them one by one and wasting time on tedious tasks.


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