Tesla Motors: A Financial Sneak Peak

20 Apr

Tesla Motors  A Financial Sneak Peak


The Vice President of Tesla Motors took the liberty to sell some shares.

The financial position of the American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors, has improved, as its Vice President, Jerome M. Gullen, has sold 1500 shares of the stock. The selling transaction took place on Wednesday. Tesla news informed that the average value of the shares sold was $207.46 and the company was able to earn $311,190.00. The deal has left the official with 2662 shares, bearing the estimated value of $552,258.52. The deal was disclosed in a file submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This transaction has been the topic of interest for many analysts and experts.

Vetr has upgraded the company’s shares from a ‘hold’ rating to ‘buy’ rating and set a price target of $258.99. Experts expressed the view that this grading would significantly increase the demand of the company’s stock. Market sources have highlighted that the manufacturer is engaged in the process of building the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant, whose building cost has exceeded $62,000,000. It is most likely that this grading would play an important role in financing the construction of the gigantic factory.

Other analysts have also given a positive rating to the manufacturer. Global Equities Research has also given a ‘buy’ rating. Relatively, Five Investment experts have graded the shares with a ‘sell’ rating, eight have given a ‘hold’ rating, and fourteen have given a ‘buy’ rating. These ratings not only inform us about the improving financial position of the organization, but also suggest that it has the potential to grow further.

Tesla Motors news reported that the market capital of the business is in excess of $26,000,000,000. This information is sufficient to explain about the strength of its financial resources, as it has earned revenue of $957.00 billion for the quarter. These figures also indicate the ability of its vehicles turnover. Tesla news today stated that the company would post $0.58 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

Tesla Motors is well known for developing and selling high-tech electric automobiles. It also designs and launches electric ‘locomotive’ powertrain components. A number of dealers associations have opposed the selling methods of the company. These associations believe that it should sell its cars through franchised dealers.

The company has recently been permitted to directly sell its cars in the American state of Maryland. This permission would add to the selling potential of the automobile manufacturers. This ‘uprising entity’ has suffered from slow progress in the People’s Republic of China, where people were misinformed about the charging process of the vehicles. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the rating of the experts is able to contribute to financing the needs of the automobile producer.

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