Microsoft Corporation Promises For “Universal” Office App For Phones With Windows 10

20 Apr

Microsoft Promises For Universal Office App For Phones With Windows 10


Microsoft  has promised to launch Office Universal for smartphones and tablets running Windows 10.

Latest Microsoft news is regarding the software giant promoting Windows 10 to a larger level; smart phones with Windows 10 will have another implication of Office.

On the weekend, Microsoft promised that the company shall release a set of applications pertaining to Office by the end of this month; the set of applications will be dedicated for the smartphones that run Windows 10.

The software giant is looking forward to the strategy of two-prong productivity for Windows. There will be Office 216 for the desktop usage and for the other devices on Windows 10 and its experience, the touch-focused apps with the name, Office Universal. The set of apps mentioned latter are the ones that will exclusively work across smart phones and tablets. It will have the provision to change its design dynamically in order to increase and enhance the user experience on those particular devices.

According to the Microsoft news, there are two set of apps now, Office Universal and Office Desktop. This might come as an odd factor as the Universal apps are not exactly designed to be. The tag such as that of ‘universal’ is useful in the context of mobile. These are those other devices which you are most likely expected to use when you are on your work desk, typing or using your laptop for that matter.

It has been quite a while that it is said Universal apps will be charge-free for tablets and smartphones. So any of the users who are wishing to go and check it out can give their wallet a rest. Microsoft is steadily breaking the barricades and going towards new paths and discovering new possibilities for targeting more audience, changing the productivity strategy whenever and wherever it is needed. The most important factor that comes in mind is Windows 10 for desktop being given away to all the users, whether they have the legit windows or a pirated one.

The strategy it is working on is, Windows everywhere, Office applications everywhere. There are Office tools specifically designed for professional and work environments with an attached cost, there are Office apps for on the go usage which are free. All of these sets are glued with one another via Application layer. The Windows Store that is universal. Additional content is only a subscription away for users who wish to obtain it, Xbox live, Office 365 and etc.

The software giant has begun experimenting with creating bundles of the services and placing them on a single scale. For now, the new code might be just right away for all the Windows 10 phone users.


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