Using Google To Find The Lost Phone

18 Apr

Using Google To Find The Lost Phone


Google has launched Find My Phone feature in which users can Google the question and it can tell them where there phone is.

Latest Google news is regarding the best feature you could possibly think of, users can now “google” and ask about where there phone is. The search engine shall point to the location via map where your phone currently resides. This feature is capable of working with the lost tablet even.

We all go through the times when we lose our phones, sometimes in the cars, homes or somewhere we don’t remember or know. Now we can search it on Google instead of going here and there.

This feature was unveiled on this Wednesday and it provides you the ability to search for your phone (an Android one) or tablet for as long as you meet the criteria.

It works in the following way:

  1.     The first thing the users have to make sure is that the account they use on their phone is the same that they have logged in on the browser on their PC. Also they are supposed to have the latest Google app version installed on the phone.
  2.     Type the phrases, such as “Where is my phone” or “Find my phone” on your PC browser. A map is displayed that attempts to track the location of the device. It takes a couple of seconds and tells you the location of your phone.

Now the question is about the fact that your phone might be lost somewhere in your house. Apologies but Google won’t tell you the exact room where it resides. But the phone can rung with the help of this feature so you can track it down.

  1.     In order to point the device, click Ring provided on the map. The device will ring for 5 minutes at its full volume. Power button can be used to turn off that ringing once you have found the phone.

Another question is what if you did not lose your phone but android tablet? Google news reports that the feature can still be used for the purpose.

The feature of Google search is not the only one used for tracking the device. Android Device Manager can be used for the same purpose. The password can remotely be reset and/or data can be erased. Also the device can be locked.

Find My iPhone is the tracking feature offered by Apple and is used for the same purpose but for iPhones and iPads obviously. The iCloud account or Find My iPhone app can be used to lock your device, erase the data or track it down.

Now whether you own an iPhone or an android phone, iPad or android tablet, the devices can be tracked down thankfully.




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