Google Inc Mobile Search To Prompt Android Users To Install Relevant Content Apps

17 Apr

Google Mobile Search To Prompt Android Users To  Install Relevant Content Apps


Google’s search engine has opted for app indexing to promote apps with relevant content and to connect them with users.


Latest Google news is about the search results for Android based phones where they will prompt the users to install apps that consist of the content that is relevant to the search query. This will turn the results page for mobile that the company provides into the service which lets you discover relevant apps which are only an installation away via Play Store. This is most likely to be the boon for android developers.

The fact is that with the increased dependency and work shift towards mobile, good and relevant content is always found within the apps and search engines are typically not focus on that. This has been fixed by Google by introduction the App indexing since late 2013. This provides the ability to let the search engine, index out the relevant content from the selected number of apps and link that to the search results.

The first version requires the users to have the apps installed on the phones. With time, the program shall be open to all the developers. Google news reports that the content has begun highlighting in Google Now Cards since the start of this year.

Today, the App indexing concept has been taken to the next step where apps that are not already installed on the users’ phones and are relevant to the content being searched can be found by them.

The deep links featured within App Indexing project are exceeding 30 billion. The number has been shared the search engine giant for the first time today. However, the number of developers that had implemented the latest feature in their apps on play store have not been disclosed.

To get a basic idea as to how this will work: for instance you are searching for the recipe of the black forest cake and algorithms in Google find out that there is an app that has the recipe you are looking for, it will prompt you with the carousel consisting of relevant apps. There will be a prominent “Install” button which will redirect the user to Play Store where that app resides. Once you have installed the app, you are only a “continue” click away from using the app.

This is a deal which is a major one for the app developers due to the fact that app discovery is still an unsolved problem for the app developers. The main reason to introduce this is that the developers are encouraged to create relevant and quality content and also deep links in order for the users to connect to it.


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    May 6, 2015 at 9:55 am

    very informative!!!



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