Alibaba receives a ‘buy’ rating

16 Apr

Alibaba receives a buy rating


The Chinese commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding Limited has been given buy rating . The rating has been given by Deutsche bank and other financial experts. It is expected that the rating would improve the services of the firm

The Chinese based electronic commerce company Alibaba Group Holding has received good news as a buy rating has been given to its stock. Alibaba news reported that the German financial institutional Deutsche Bank has declared the rating in its financial report. The issuance of the report is enough to tell us that the financial position of the Chinese firm would improve as its shares demand would increase. The stock of the Chinese firm has a 50 day moving average of $83 and a 200 day moving average of $95. The market capital of the firm is in excess of $210 billion.This huge capital figure is enough to tells us about the financial resources of the firm.

The Chinese firm last released its quarterly earnings data on 29th January. The firm informed its shareholders about the increase in the earnings per share. Alibaba news today informed that the revenue figure of the firm was less than the consensus figure. Investment experts have predicted the firm would post $2.19 earnings per share. The financial position of Alibaba Group Holding has also been studied by other experts. Pacific Crest has decreased the firm’s share price target by $6.The firm has given an overweight rating to the stock of the commerce company. Financial investment experts at MKM partners and Daiwan Capital Markets have also given a buy rating to the firm’s stock.

The report of both the firms is enough to support the ratings given by the German bank. An investment expert has given a sell rating to the stock, three have given a hold rating. More than thirty firms have given a buy rating to the Chinese firm. Experts are of the view that the investment analysts have given a clear message that the investors should buy the shares of the Chinese firm. The consensus target price of the firm is $106.74.

Ali Baba Group Holding Limited is not only known for providing retail and wholesale trade services but it also known for serving its customers with cloud computing and other high tech services. The firm is working to make sure that its customers are able to conduct trading activities in the easiest possible manner. Its customers include consumers and merchants.

Alibaba breaking news reported that the firm runs an online shopping place. The name of that place is Taobao Market place. The financial analysis of the firm is enough to tell us that it has the potential to grow and dominate the market. It is expected that the firm would be able to work in an easy manner as it would be funded by huge investemts. Now it has to be seen that to what extent the shareholders are attracted towards the Chinese online trading firm.

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