Tesla Motors Launch Of New P85D Supercar

14 Apr

Tesla Motors Launch Of New P85D Supercar

Tesla introduced Supercar, but its market acceptability remains a question.

The American electric automobile-manufacturing company, Tesla Motors, has introduced a new electric vehicle, P85D Supercar. Tesla news reported that the car would be sold to cash-paying customers for $105,000. Apart from the purchase price, delivery fees of $1200 would be charged from the customers. Government sources affirm that the federal government would charge a tax worth $7500 on every purchase of the new automobile.

The management of the company has stated that this vehicle would contribute in saving gas reserves of more than 5 years. In this manner, it would be able to save approximately $10,000. The management believes that the product’s gas saving ability is the selling feature of the product.

The newly pioneered car would be capable of running at a speed of 155 miles per hour. Experts have stated this huge speed would be able to play its role in attracting German drivers who are habitual of driving at speeds in excess of 140 miles per hour. A video posted on the social website, Youtube, has demonstrated that this supercar is able to accelerate effortlessly from 112 mph to 142 mph. This accelerating ability of the freshly designed ‘innovation’ is enough to cover huge distances in a short period.

Tesla news today affirms that this ‘supercar’ features a speedometer that is capable of changing its color. At speeds in excess of 230 kilometers per hour, it changes its color from green to red on black display. The purpose of changing the color is to remind the driver that he or she needs to drive cautiously, as the vehicle is capable of reaching a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. In this manner, the speedometer is able to protect the driver and vehicle from accidents.

Unfortunately, this launched product has been unable to attract a large number of drivers. Tesla motors news informs that the management has conducted a number of surveys to find out the reasons behind the low sales volume of the ‘locomotive’. These surveys have concluded that the customer’s interest in electric vehicles is declining. A number of factors might have played their role in affecting the demand for P85 Supercar.

One of those reasons could be the decline in the oil prices that has made the maintenance and operation of gasoline counterparts more convenient than before. The low demand of the supercar has adversely affected the management of the company. The modern automobile marks the future prospects.

It is highly advisable that Tesla Motors needs to take some steps for increasing the demand of this recent development; otherwise, its finances would suffer. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent this vehicle is able to recover from the adverse conditions.


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