Facebook Advertises Itself- In Old Fashioned Manner

14 Apr

Facebook Advertises Itself- In Old Fashioned Manner


Facebook has taken its advertisement campaign to another yet old level of billboards and TV ads.


As the social network giant convinced the marketers to switch their advertisements online and should invest the online advertisement, it made Facebook earn fortunes out of it. But it seems that the social network had planned to go a different road as compared to what it had been preaching. It is taking on a different advertising campaign for its own company.

It is inclined towards the old methods of advertising methodologies which are billboards and television ads. Two months ago, the tech giant unveiled the campaign in UK which experienced its advertisement everywhere from London Underground to the most popular Television channels of the country.

Neilson data reports that the social network giant spent more than 6 million pounds on old-fashioned advertisement in UK. The company’s marketing or advertisement strategy seems to change as up till now it had been working on word of mouth to build its business without looking into the traditional approaches for growth in business.

The analysts find it ironic that up till now the social media had convinced many advertisers and brands to utilize its platform and at the moment it is going against it. Latest Facebook news declined to enlighten the world regarding the strategic rationale for their campaign. “Ads celebrate the connections that people make through the site “and the different kinds of friendship that enrich our lives both on and off Facebook,” said the social media giant.

According to the Exterion Media executive that is responsible for delivering the advertisement throughout London Underground, the main reason why Facebook has approached the traditional advertisement for itself is the mass media plays a vital role in brand establishment and developing trust with the consumers. The executive predicted that Facebook will emerge as one of the essential advertisers within the forthcoming years.

From the period of 2012 – 2014, the social giant has spent more than double the money into its global advertisement. Facebook news has it that the company spent $135 million on ads.

As far as the ad campaign of the company in UK is concerned, it is called “the friends”, the basic idea behind the campaign is featuring couple of friends having fun with each other. The company has gone further by buying the ads in Canada and also in Australia which means the next campaigns could be seen in Sydney or Toronto, just a thought!

Facebook is following the other big fortune companies such as Google who are on the path of utilizing traditional brand building methods. We hope that the company expresses the stance as to why it chose the traditional media campaigns.

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