Twitter Blocks Accounts Of ISIS

13 Apr

Twitter Blocks Accounts Of ISIS


The social networking service has taken strict actions against the ISIS as it has suspended accounts of the organization.

The American social networking website, Twitter, has taken strict action against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.b informed that the management of the violations department of the website has blocked approximately 10,000 accounts of the Islamic state. The action is taken to stop the exchange of aggressive tweets, which is considered as the most aggressive action taken by the website against the ISIS.

Social networking experts believe that the organization has been using those accounts to spread their message. This strict action has been carried to answer the criticism that the social network service has permitted the activists of the Islamic State to misuse the social medium for spreading messages of violence and propaganda. Other experts believe that the Islamic activists have used the network for recruiting members.

Twitter news today reported that this is not the first time Twitter has acted aggressively against the controversial organization, as it had blocked 2000 accounts of its activists in the previous few months. An official of the social networking service has stated that the deactivation of the accounts has been done to aid the opponents of the ISIS, including some hacking groups and online detectives.

Twitter breaking news affirms that an anti-ISIS lobby had been working hard to track the accounts of the activists. In accordance with the laws of the website, a complaint can be filed against any account for engaging in some violations. These violations constitute harmful content, misleading advertisements, self-harm, and abusive behavior. It is quite difficult for the website to ban the networking means, as it aims to promote free speech in a network that transfers 500,000,000 messages each day in various languages.

The provocative activists have welcomed the blockage of the accounts, as they have stated that the blockage would play an important role in securing their activities from detectives. The anti-Islamic state lobby has stated that the suspensions would make their work convenient, which is sufficient to explain that the lobby believes that the social networking methods have assisted in promoting their organizational activities.

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham is an Islamic militant organization that is struggling to establish a caliphate with their leader. It is currently ruling large parts of Syria and Iraq. Many experts are viewing this association as a threat to the United States of America. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent does the suspension of the social networking methods are able to ban the activities of this radical group.


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