Apple Quietly Buys Dryft

10 Apr



Apple acquires Dryft which was owned by founders of Swype. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed

The latest Apple news is about the tech giant quietly buying Dryft. If anyone who doesn’t know what Dryft is or has forgotten about it then lets revive what actually Dryft can do and who founded it. It is said that Dryft had been acquired by Apple last year.

A virtual keyboard providing the ability to the users to type anything on the touch screen is what Dryft is. It is a fast keyboard for your touch screen that is settled along with your fingers rather than you setting your hand as per the place where keyboard is designated to be. The typing is as natural and fast as it is possible on the virtual keyboard.

The feature lets you type without looking at the screen which preserves the memory that the user has built up over the years while typing. The company is the same that launched Swype for mobile phones and has been greatly appreciated for it.

Dryft has been launched for the users to create efficient content on tablet and not only letting them navigate through stuff but also type efficiently to get done the work.

This acquisition has been confirmed by Randy Marsden on his LinkedIn profile where it was listed him joining Apple AAPL  since last September.  Currently, Marsden is leading the efforts made by company for its internal keyboard enhancement; he had been the Chief Technology Officer for Dryft and also the co-founded Swype. We are not sure whether it was Dryft’s assets or the talent that Marsden and his team has but whatever be the case, the deal can result into something big and better. The financial terminologies have not been disclosed as for now from both the parties.

Apple news reports that the company has been buying smaller companies with the passage of time and is not planning to discuss the reasons or ideas behind doing that, which most likely is an alternative to say yes in order to confirm the news.

Dryft had been the finalist in 2013 for Disrupt Startup Battlefield by TechCrunch.

The keyboard is designed in such a way that whenever the user places the fingers on screen, the keyboard appears. It has been specifically developed for tablets and their better usage with time and is a unique keyboard. It is designed for being able to track your fingers whenever you move them on screen and thus adjusting the keyboard as per your hands rather than the other way round.  The company has decided to let developers play around with the keyboard as iOS 8 is about to release. It has also opens doors for SwiftKey and Skype in that regard.



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