Snapchat Has Replaced “Best Friends” With Friend Emojis

09 Apr


Snapchat has got rid of Best Friends list and rather introduced Friends Emojis.

 Ever been annoyed by seeing the people you snap the most with under the list of “Best Friends”? Well we are talking about Snapchat here. This feature has been coming out as a weird one and it looks like the company has taken care of it. Latest Snapchat news reports that the app has decided to remove the list and introduce Friend Emojis instead. This will let you have a private view of showing the people who are close to you on Snapchat based on the number of snaps and the often interaction.

Following is the list of Friend Emojis that Snapchat has incorporated and also meaning as to which emoticon means what.

  1.     Gold Heart – That is “You are number one Best Friends” emoticon. The person to whom you send the most number of snaps is also sending you the most number of snaps.
  2.     Grimace – This is “You have mutual number one Best Friend” emoticon. The person to whom you send the most snaps is also the one to whom this person sends snaps the most.
  3.     Smile- This one is “One of your Best Friends” emoticon. This is one of the people to whom you send most of the snaps.
  4.      Sunglasses – This is “You have a mutual Best Friend” emoticon. One of the people to whom you send most of the apps is also one of those to whom this person sends snaps the most.
  5.     Smirk – This means “You are Best Friends with them but they are not” emoticon. You are among one of the people they send their snaps to the most but you don’t.
  6.     Fire- You and this person are on Snapstreak- You are on fire with sending snaps to this person and this person to you, consecutively for a few days now.

Furthermore, Snapchat news reports that it wishes to keep reminding you of people to whom you haven’t send the snaps in a while. Under the section of “Recents” where the list of most snaps sent to resides, there is a section of “Needs Love” which consists of people that were the recent ones once and now you are out of snaps with them.

The emojis and “needs love” features transformed the snapchat into kind of a game. The game where people can become a part of Snapstreak with back and forth snaps being sent consecutively or becoming a best friend of someone.

There might be the case that you find these new features a bit confusing but the company is hoping that people will help each other in order to understand them better.



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