Tesla Motors Can Now Directly Sell Cars In Two American States

07 Apr

Tesla Motors Can Now Directly Sell Cars In Two American States


The management of Tesla Motors is relieved as it would be able to sell electric cars directly to the consumers in Georgia and New Jersey, but franchised dealers would be adversely affected by this news

The American electric automobile manufacturer, Tesla Motors, has received good news, as it would be able to sell its high-tech cars directly to the customers in Georgia and New Jersey. Tesla News reported that the legislative authorities of both the states have permitted the vehicle producer to offer direct dealerships to its customers.  A Garden State Bill has been ratified by the legislature of New Jersey. It is expected that newly drafted regulation would permit the company to reintroduce its selling operations and offer up to four dealerships in the state.

The corporate management has welcomed the statute, as it has thanked the leader of the House (Lou Greenwald), President of Senate (Steve Sweeney), Member (Tim Eustace), and Member of Senate (Shirley Turner) for their participation in the process of ratifying the pro-direct sales legislation. The officials of Tesla Motors have also thanked the users of its pioneered cars for showing their support and contribution, as it considers them as the lifeblood of the organization.

A similar law has been passed by the state statutory of Georgia. Unlike Garden State Bill, this piece permits the organization to offer five dealerships within the boundaries of the state. It is expected that this Georgian-based regulation would allow the business to sell an unlimited number of cars in the state. In this manner, this would play an important role in increasing the market share and revenues of the automaker, and increase the sales of electric automobiles eventually by 1000% in the state of Georgia.

Tesla news today affirms that the state authorities had previously permitted direct sales of 150 ‘emissions-less’ vehicles to the public. These authorities are quite concerned about minimizing pollution. Latest Tesla news elaborated regarding the petition of the vehicle dealers association of Georgia against the direct sales operations of the car producer in August.

The pro-direct sales legislation would adversely affect the commercial interests of the franchised car dealers. This legislation would reduce the selling opportunities available to the vehicle dealers. The associations of vehicle dealers would take measures to ensure the amendment of the bill in their favor. The filed petition is indicates that dealers union is quite concerned about safeguarding their interests in the largest economy of the world.

One may conclude that the newly drafted regulations will relieve the management of Tesla Motors, which is fighting against the pro-dealership laws in the American states of Arizona and Texas. This recent update marks the future prospects of the company. It has empowered it to carry its operations firmly and effectively. Now it is yet to be observed that to what extent does these newly drafted laws are able to play their role in benefiting the corporate giant and its customers.



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One response to “Tesla Motors Can Now Directly Sell Cars In Two American States

  1. jpwhitehome

    April 7, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    “Now it is yet to be observed that to what extent does these newly drafted laws are able to play their role in benefiting the corporate giant and its customers.”

    I had no idea that Tesla was a “Corporate Giant”. I see it as a scrappy start-up.

    GM is a corporate giant, Tesla isn’t GM, or even close to it.

    As for the harm to the franchise dealers the direct sales model threatens. Compare the sales of PC computers. Dell pioneered the direct sales model. Decades later retailers still sell computers in their brick and mortar stores. It is simply a consumer choice, it isn’t an either/or situation. We can have both sales models compete for consumers and both do just fine.

    Competition is good for everyone.

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